HAWKMAN #8 is emotionally heavy and deep. If you love Superman lore, you'll like this issue. The artwork is incredible and perfectly captures the final day of Krypton.
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In HAWKMAN #8, Carter Hall travels to the ruins of the planet Krypton. When he arrives, he visits another Hawkman incarnation, Catar-Ol. Will Hawkman find the weapon that will defeat the Deathbringers? What will he learn on Krypton? Writer Robert Venditti and artist Bryan Hitch have brought us a real tear-jerker of an issue. So, have the tissues nearby — you’ll need them while reading HAWKMAN #8!

Warning, potential spoilers for HAWKMAN #8 are below!

To Krypton and Beyond

HAWKMAN #8 begins with a long monologue by Carter Hall. In his opening speech, he compares himself to Superman. How both heroes rose above their tragic pasts and became symbols of hope. Another vision sends Hall back in time, to meet the Hawkman of Krypton. Once there, he finds the solemn Catar-Ol, watching the final moments of his home planet. Cities are crumbling. Kryptonians are dying. It’s a chilling image.

HAWKMAN #8 page 3. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

While there, Hall finds the weapon meant to destroy the Deathbringers. Constructed by Catar-Ol, the massive machine is left unfinished and unusable. Was his journey to Krypton all for nothing? Perhaps not. The Kryptonian Hawkman believes that Carter Hall is the real weapon destined to defeat the Deathbringers. How will Hawkman protect Earth now? Sounds like the start of a new adventure for Hawkman!

Speaking of the Deathbringers from Hawkman’s visions, you’ll find them in the last pages of HAWKMAN #8. From the short snippet, it appears that the Deathbringers have arrived on Earth in search of Hawkman. That can’t be good. Will Carter Hall soar above these looming destroyers? I’m on the edge of my seat, in a pile of tissues, waiting for the next issue!

Heartbreaking Imagery in HAWKMAN #8

HAWKMAN #8 is emotionally heavy. Also, the visuals by Bryan Hitch are absolutely jaw-dropping. The art team behind this issue truly captures the end of a world. In this issue, you really feel the weight of an entire planet crumbling. The two Hawkman incarnations watching everything be destroyed is such a painful and haunting image.

When Catar-Ol shows Carter Hall the museum he built, Krypton’s history is encapsulated in those few images. And in the final moments before Krypton’s destruction, their hands touch. This is such an empowering visual. For Hawkman, this simple gesture is symbolic of his connection to all his previous lifetimes. Overall, the visuals in HAWKMAN #8 look straight out of a blockbuster movie. Once again, hats off to the amazing art team of Bryan Hitch, Andrew Currie, Andy Owens, and Jeremiah Shipper.

Hawkman and Superman

Parallels between Hawkman and Superman are brought to light in HAWKMAN #8. When it comes down to it, both heroes have experienced tragedy, but in different ways. Superman never saw the destruction of his planet, whereas Hawkman has experienced this loss firsthand.

HAWKMAN #8 Page 1. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.
HAWKMAN #8 page 1. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Another similarity they share is the legacy they carry. When Hawkman tells his Kryptonian incarnation about Superman and Supergirl, there’s a sense of relief. Krypton lives on in them. On the other hand, Hawkman carries all of his past lives with him, as well as all the lives he killed in his first incarnation.

Comparing and contrasting Hall to another DC legend really speaks volumes to Hawkman’s character. Venditti makes an excellent point about what these heroes stand for in HAWKMAN #8.

Final Thoughts on HAWKMAN #8

Overall, HAWKMAN #8 has a lot of depth to it. So if you are a fan of Superman lore, you will thoroughly enjoy this issue. Robert Venditti does a brilliant job of weaving two DC heroes’ stories together. Hawkman continues to develop into an interesting and complex character. After the events of HAWKMAN #8, he has a newfound desire to be a symbol of hope, like Superman.

Also, Hitch’s visuals are incredible. There’s an expansive, cinematic style to his artwork. Just the image of two Hawkmen watching Krypton turn to rubble left me speechless. Catar-Ol’s presence in HAWKMAN #8 encourages Carter Hall to continue his journey. Where will Hawkman’s adventure take him next? I’m eagerly awaiting the next issue!

You don’t want to miss this one. Without question, this is one of the best issues in this Hawkman series!

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  1. Barry Hollifield

    Barry Hollifield

    January 16, 2019 at 3:53 pm

    Everyone who loves comics should be reading Hawkman.


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