Joshua Dahl interviewed by ComicsVerse at New York Comic Con 2015

Nowhere will you find a mix of news, entertainment, and interesting people as you will at New York Comic Con.  Every year, you’re guaranteed to see something you haven’t seen before.  The best part is that you can be at the front of all the greatest new comics. One of the comics you’ll simply need to keep an eye on is RAPID CITY: BELOW ZERO from Joshua Dahl.

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Joshua’s outlook on people comes from his experiences working as a teacher in the juvenile system. Joshua Dahl has seen a side of crime that most people don’t. The result of which helped him write and shape characters that read as sympathetic and realistic.  The series has some compelling drama to drive the villains, but it’s so easy to understand the motivations behind the characters that you find yourself rooting for an understood criminal.

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RAPID CITY: BELOW ZERO by Joshua Dahl Thrills

One can argue that a hero is only as good as his villains, but Joshua Dahl is proving that villains don’t need a superhero to move a plot forward. RAPID CITY: BELOW ZERO is the perfect illustration of the idea that there is no true “bad guy.” Thus, everyone is the hero of their own story.

If you want to read something that gives you a cool new look at life in a universe where superpowers exist, and the villains taken more seriously than most, look no further.

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Finally, ComicsVerse will keep you up to date with more awesome interviews and developments from New York Comic Con 2015.  Make sure you stay tuned and check them out.

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