This past weekend at New York City Comic Con, ComicsVerse was able to speak with some of the cast from Netflix’s VOLTRON: LEGENDARY DEFENDERS. The cast members Josh Keaton (Shiro), AJ LoCascio (Prince Lotor), and Kimberly Brooks (Princess Alura) shared some fun stories working with one another.

They also informed us of what fans can look forward to in Season 4. Check out the roundtable press junket below for all the details.

ComicsVerse (CV): This is the Voltron: Legendary Defenders, Josh Keaton, AJ Locascio, and Kimberly Brooks.

Interviewer 1: Okay, we are going to ask you all the hard-hitting questions like, “What’s your favorite ice cream and why?” No, I’m just kidding.

AJ Locascio: Rainbow sherbet.

Kimberly Brooks: Oh, I love rainbow sherbert.

AJ Locascio: I get into arguments about whether it’s pronounced sherbert, cause in Jersey everyone says sherbert. Right? Is that a thing?

Kimberly Brooks: Sherbert, I say sherbert.

Josh Keaton: Everybody puts in an ‘r’ that’s not there.

AJ Locascio: It’s not there, I know, but I never realized it. As a kid, you would never spell it. Anyway. Sorry, you guys.

Josh Keaton: I told that to my dad, who’s an English teacher, and he always pronounced it sherbert.

AJ Locascio: There you go.

Josh Keaton: I told him, “there’s no other ‘r’ there.” He looked at it, paused for a second, and was like, “Well I’ll be damned”.

And he never pronounced it sherbert again.

Kimberly Brooks: It’s the same with that word preventive. People always say preventative and there is no other ‘ta’ in the middle.

Josh Keaton: I did not know that.

Kimberly Brooks: It’s preventive.


CV: Wow.

Kimberly Brooks: Everyone says that word wrong. Sorry, just wanted to point that out.

AJ Locascio: We’re getting an English lesson here. Thank you.

Kimberly Brooks: Spell it out. Show it to-

Josh Keaton: You’ll never get to ask us a real question, we’ll just talk about the English language.

AJ Locascio: All these words-

Kimberly Brooks: And how we butcher it.

Josh Keaton: Yes.

AJ Locascio: Voltron cast teaches journalists English. That’s great.

Interviewer 1: So this is season 4? It’s not season B, season 3B or anything?

AJ Locascio: It’s officially season 4.

Interviewer 1: Season 4. Alright, cool.

Josh Keaton: Unofficially, kind of…

AJ Locascio: That’s what we are calling it at least.

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Kimberly Brooks: Yeah, unofficially.

Josh Keaton: That’s the name.

Interviewer 1: Josh Keaton, you played Sven for just an episode.

Josh Keaton: You-hoo.

Interviewer 1: What was it like trying to do that?

Josh Keaton: I did not know about it until the night before. Cause we get our scripts the night before and we read over it, hopefully, before the…

Kimberly Brooks: Some of us do and some don’t.

Josh Keaton: Some don’t, yep. We won’t mention names.

AJ Locascio: It’s really hard not to.

Josh Keaton: We usually record nine to one. In the morning. I live little ways away so I’ve gotta get up early. And, I had no idea that I was going to be playing Sven. I started reading the script, kept going, kept going, oh this is interesting, this is interesting. SVEN? There was a “You-hoo”. I was like, I have to do the accent. I had no idea what I was going to do because I never studied this accent, I didn’t know what to do.

Photo courtesy of Dreamworks’ VOLTRON: LEGENDARY DEFENDER — Sven

AJ Locascio: That’s one of the hardest accents ever to do.

Josh Keaton: It’s a difficult accent. Yeah. So I was staying up all night looking up Ylvis and trying to find anybody was in any way Scandinavian to try to just hear stuff. I really didn’t have a lot of time to work on it, but it was a crash course, and we all had fun the booth. Everyone was laughing.

Kimberly Brooks: It was hilarious. It was great.

AJ Locascio: Yeah.

CV: Speaking of dialogue, this is for you AJ.

AJ Locascio: Yeah.

CV: Okay, how did you find the voice for Prince Lotor? Cause I love it. It sounds cunning but he’s not too pretentious, like, it sounds confident. I love it.

AJ Locascio: Oh, thank you. It’s actually kind of a weird story. I working on a movie that was canceled where I basically used that voice but he was the nice version.

I love that voice. Sort of this, kind of like a weird Ewan McGregor / James McAvoy with a little something extra. It’s just the voice I really wanted to do. When I saw the audition, I just went, I want to use that voice for something. I did all this work on this thing and then it all disappeared into the ether and we’ll never hear or see from it again. That was kind of where it came from. It started with that and then I took it and re-purposed it and gave it that purple twist.

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CV: Nice.

AJ Locascio: Thank you.

Kimberly Brooks: Yeah, he’s very confident.

Josh Keaton: I love it. I like that, the purple twist.

Interviewer 2: Purple twist, yeah.

AJ Locascio: The purple nurple of voices… can I say that?

Kimberly Brooks: Yeah, it’s fine.

AJ Locascio: Can I say purple nurple?

Interviewer 2: You can.

Josh Keaton: Yeah that purple twist. (Pinches fingers to motion the action of a purple nurple)

Kimberly Brooks: Literally did not come to my mind until you did that. That ruined it. You took it over the edge.

AJ Locascio: Did I do that or was that him?

Kimberly Brooks: That was you. (Points to Josh Keaton)

AJ Locascio: I thought maybe subconsciously…

Josh Keaton: Never go full nurple…

Kimberly Brooks: Never go full nurple…

Interviewer 3: GIF of that in the article so that way everyone knows what happened.

So Kimberly, Allura finally gets her own lion at the end of season 3 which is awesome. Going into season 4 how do we get to see your character do more with the lion, but then also do more with her background as an Altean now that we know also about Haggar as well?

Photo courtesy of Dreamworks’ VOLTRON: LEGENDARY DEFENDER — Haggar

Kimberly Brooks: Oh yeah. That was a shock, right?

Interviewer 3: Yeah.

Kimberly Brooks: Yeah, she’s got a lot on her plate.

Josh Keaton: Who?

AJ Locascio: Who?

Kimberly Brooks: Allura. I think Allura has a lot on her plate but I think she kinda relishes this because I personally think deep down she’s always wanted to be a pilot. To have an excuse to really need it that why I think she was so disappointed when that whole sequence when they’re all trying out the different lions and whatnot. The biggest thing she has to accomplish though is getting the coalition and getting all, everyone together because with Zarkon awake now possibly and with Lotor, who knows what could happen. I think some stuff’s gonna go down.

Interviewer 3: Oh yeah.

Josh Keaton: It’s gonna go down.

Interviewer 3: And this might be a spoiler but do we also see them exploring more of the dark quintessence dust as well? Is that something that they kind of look into at all?

Kimberly Brooks: I think quintessence is gonna be a key factor.

Josh Keaton: We’re gonna ask some questions about it.

Kimberly Brooks: Yeah.

Josh Keaton: That’s fair.

AJ Locascio: What’s that?

Kimberly Brooks: Cause everybody’s after it but we also saw what effect it can have. When we saw the flashbacks with the full Paladins with Zarkon and that stuff. It’s dangerous but she does know how to manipulate it and how to use it but do the others?

AJ Locascio: It’s not going away.

Kimberly Brooks: Exciting.

Interviewer 4: My question is for the both of you. How do you think Allura and Lotor’s first interaction is going to go? Is it gonna be playing off the original because I know Lotor was a little creepy?

AJ Locascio: No. I don’t think it will be anything like that.

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CV: Oh, thank god.

Kimberly Brooks: I mean that’s an interesting question because they’ve gotta have some backstory.

AJ Locascio: Yes, but they’re not gonna, they’re gonna be at odds I think a little bit. I quite honestly don’t remember.

Kimberly Brooks: That was long ago…

AJ Locascio: Just from my own brain…

Kimberly Brooks: Yeah.

AJ Locascio: I feel like there’d be a little tension there where they’d be like…

Kimberly Brooks: Your father…?

Josh Keaton: She originally mistrusted Keith even though she knew Keith when she found out he was part Galra…

Kimberly Brooks: Yeah.

Josh Keaton: –this guy’s… the son of Zarkon…


Kimberly Brooks: Its Galra, come on.

Interviewer 2: She doesn’t like anything Galra?

Kimberly Brooks: She doesn’t like anything Galra, yeah.

CV: She’s come around a little bit more working with people who are Galra, working with Keith

Kimberly Brooks: Yeah, that’s true. That took a while though.

Josh Keaton: And the Blades…

Kimberly Brooks: And the Blades, yeah.

AJ Locascio: But I mean… this is Zarkon’s son…

Josh Keaton: Right, yeah.

Kimberly Brooks: It’s a little too close for comfort.

AJ Locascio: But that hair, maybe it will win her over. And little tussle and…

Kimberly Brooks: Well… he does have good hair.

Josh Keaton: He gets it done at the, I got it, I got it, at the Grempets salon.

Kimberly Brooks: The Grempets salon.

AJ Locascio: He came up with that yesterday.

Josh Keaton: I’m very proud of myself.

AJ Locascio: So good at that.

Kimberly Brooks: He really is.

AJ Locascio: Maybe that will be it? Maybe the relationship will start, I know that you’re evil and stuff but your hair. (Motioning to his hair) This takes hours.

Interviewer 3: They just go to a barber shop, hash out all their problems

AJ Locascio: Yeah.

Josh Keaton: Like two chairs and they are strapped in.

AJ Locascio: Argue it out guys.

Josh Keaton: I wanna see this episode.

CV: This one is actually for you. How does Shiro… we see when Shiro come back he can’t pilot the Black Lion anymore…

Josh Keaton: Right.

CV: He’s sort of taking more of a backseat this time, letting Keith lead. How is it going into season 4? How does he feel taking this new role in the team?

Josh Keaton: Personally I think that there’s definitely an adjustment. I think that he supports Keith. He supports Keith 100%. He stuck his neck out for Keith a lot. He’s still… I think there is a big part of him that still wants to do it, still wants to be the pilot of Black Lion, and still wants to be the leader.

It was giving his life a lot of meaning. He went through a lot of stuff. I’m sure that there is some frustration with the fact that Keith has been elected to step up. He still has to understand that he might not be ready. There is a lot of conflicts that he is going through that he doesn’t necessarily let on.

CV: Thank you, guys.

Kimberly Brooks: Awesome.

VOLTRON: LEGENDARY DEFENDERS Season 4 comes out this Friday, Oct. 13th on Netflix!

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