Jorge Corona has art that is out of this world. It also helps that he has an awesome sense of humor, and laughs at just about anything. But don’t be fooled by his cheerful disposition. Jorge can draw the hell out of an intense character. The artist behind stories like NO. 1 WITH A BULLET and part of the ATTACK ON TITANS ANTHOLOGY knows his way around comic book art.

ComicsVerse was lucky enough to get the chance to catch up with Jorge Corona at NYCC 2018!

Jorge Corona at New York City Comic Con 2018

Jorge Corona is a fabulous person. Although congenial, don’t think Jorge cannot perfectly depict rage or anger within his art. Jorge tells us a little about what it takes to depict characters so perfectly that words are not always necessary. He tells us about how he decides what angles to take and how to convey emotion to readers through art.

Through all these different styles and types of comics, Jorge also talks about how to keep your own style and not lose yourself. Surely flipping between Manga and Americanized comics can be tricky, but Jorge finds the right balance.

We also talk a bit about what working on Manga is like. Jorge gives us his rendition of how Manga and Americanized comics differ. He also tells us about some of the Manga he would like to work on in the future.

Jorge’s upcoming comic, MIDDLEWEST which is written by Skottie Young, is sure to be exciting to see! Able is from a small town in the American midwest. But the strained relationship between Able and his father causes his small town life to take a major turn. Be sure to pick up an issue when it drops November 21st!

Be sure to keep an eye open for anything else Jorge Corona is working on! His art is sure to astound you.

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