JONESY VOL. 3 delivers a story packed with important lessons, and vibrant artwork that captures the quirky, fun energy of Jonesy.
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JONESY is a comic from the publisher BOOM! Box which follows the triumphs and pitfalls of a Latina high schooler with the ability to make people fall in love with anyone. The catch is, her powers don’t work for her or on her. Collecting issues #9-#12, JONESY VOL. 3 encompasses real teenage troubles, a wonderful larger message, and lively artwork. This volume is, in my opinion, the best yet.

Teenage Troubles

Past volumes of the comic have an almost manic tone. In fact, the titular character herself is pretty manic, too. However, JONESY VOL. 3 manages to maintain a consistency of that heightened energy, while also capturing a truthful scope of realistic and heavy teenage problems. After Jonesy believes she’s irreparably wrecked her life in her hometown of Plymouth, she moves in with her mother in Shepherd City. Unfortunately, it’s incredibly difficult for Jonesy to adjust. She can’t find any place that relates to her interests, the layout confuses her, and the people are rude. Just like any other teenager, she’s resistant to such a large change at first.

Image from JONESY VOL. 3, courtesy of BOOM! Box.

Once Jonesy finally starts to settle in, her heart is broken by the fact that the Ferret Rescue Center has been shut down due to budgeting by the mayor. Jonesy and her new friends, Esther and Anne, protest outside the center. When that doesn’t yield results, the girls take it to social media, create petitions, and start making calls. This is the first time Jonesy gets involved with activism, and she unfortunately has to experience the backlash that comes with it. People on the opposition refer to the protesters as cry babies and push back hard. Jonesy is distraught, but her mother assures her that when the opposition is uncomfortable, that means what she’s doing is right.

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A Larger Message

Throughout the comic, Jonesy struggles with her worry that without the ability to use her love powers on herself, no one will ever love her. In JONESY VOL. 3, Jonesy’s self-esteem is especially low after the fiasco in Plymouth. Her best friend Farid won’t speak to her, and she feels like she has nothing. Once she finally does return to Plymouth, she’s asked to sign an agreement that she’ll never use her powers again. She seriously considers this option. She wonders if signing it will make people trust her more, or if they’ll keep hating her even if she neglects her powers.

Image from JONESY VOL. 3, courtesy of BOOM! Box.

Rather than agree to the terms of this arrangement, Jonesy — with the help of her friends — realizes that her powers are a part of who she is. Sure, her powers have caused trouble. However, she’s also learning ways that they can be very helpful to people. To never use her powers would be to suppress who she is. With this realization, she breaks the fourth wall and uses her powers on readers so that they fall in love with the things that make them different. I love that this comic stresses the importance of self-love, and that self-love is placed above romantic love.

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Lively Artwork

Caitlin Rose Boyle‘s illustrations and Brittany Peer‘s coloring come together to perfectly capture the energy of Jonesy. The bright and bold coloring encompasses the vibrancy of adolescence, and the exaggerated emotions of Boyle’s art represent the high and dramatic emotions all teenagers have. I love how fun the artwork is in JONESY VOL. 3, even when it tackles heavier moments. I think the art, much like the writing, does everything it can to celebrate uniqueness.

Image from JONESY VOL. 3, courtesy of BOOM! Box.

Final Thoughts on JONESY VOL. 3

This comic does a wonderful job of tackling tough issues, while also maintaining the quirky fun that makes JONESY special. Personally, there are some minor pacing issues around chapter three, but that might be simply because I wanted even more out of this amazing story. I’d recommend this comic to absolutely anyone, but for teens I think it’s an especially great read.

JONESY VOL. 3 is available September 13th!

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