Jon Snow is probably the most important character on GAME OF THRONES. He meets all the criteria for a classic hero, and he’s one of the most well-intentioned people on the show. He has the most recognizable name for good reason. Jon is a good, lovable character. However, all these positives can’t save him from his biggest flaw: he’s so, so boring. Here are 4 reasons why Jon Snow is the most yawn-inducing guy on GAME OF THRONES.

1. He’s Too Predictable

While it’s important for the characters to be consistent, Jon Snow rarely ventures off his regular path. Until season 7, basically, he mostly just brooded and showed off his sword-fighting skills and yelled about the White Walkers. The most spice we got from him was in that cave with Ygritte. Yes, it’s a major part of Jon’s character to worry about the White Walkers (and someone needs to be worried about them). He brought everyone together to fight them despite the political tensions at the time. But it’s like that’s all we see from him anymore.

We don’t get to see him interact with Ghost or his brotherly connection with Sam. His entire relationship with Daenerys started because he was searching for ways to kill the White Walkers. It’s just easy to know what he’s thinking when his entire character almost revolves around one thing, you know?

game of thrones
John Snow broods on The Wall. Courtesy of HBO

2. He’s Too Honorable 

He really takes after Ned Stark when it comes to his moral code. However, this makes him susceptible to tricks. Ramsay Bolton baited Jon into a fight when he sent Rickon back to the Stark army. His enemies know how to play him. There’s nothing technically wrong with Jon Snow’s moral code. It’s refreshing to have a character who’s fundamentally good in a show where there are so many others who are bad.

It’s frustrating, though, when he’s so stuck in his ways that he upsets potentially powerful allies (i.e., Cersei at the Dragonpit). Fans everywhere yelled at their TVs when he almost lost the Lannister support. He doesn’t need less honor, he just needs to learn how to balance it with actual smart decisions.

game of thrones
Jon Snow rides off to avenge Rickon’s death. Courtesy of HBO

3. He Spent 2 Seasons Complaining About Not Sleeping With People

Jon Snow is a dreamboat — he doesn’t have to be my favorite character for me to not think he’s attractive. We all knew he was eventually going to find a romantic interest, but for the first 2 seasons (and part of season 3) he talked a whole lot about how he’d never slept with anyone. At first, it was fine. Then it got to be too much.

Look, he walked up and down a hill for years and talked about how he could never love a woman. It got old after a while. It made sense that he was uncomfortable sleeping with a prostitute because he’d be upset if he brought another bastard into the world — that was a good, defining moment for him as a character — but after a while it just got boring. His vows as a brother of the Night’s Watch really concerned him when he got stuck with Ygritte.

We still love you though, Jon.

game of thrones
Jon Snow meets Ygritte. Courtesy of HBO

4. The Identity of His Parents Didn’t Surprise Anyone

We’ve had hints about Jon Snow’s true identity since the very first season. Ned Stark never refers to him as his son, only as his ‘blood.’ At the wall, Maester Aemon talks to Sam and says, “a Targaryen alone in the world is a terrible thing,” and then the shot cuts to Jon Snow walking into the room. When Daenerys has her vision of the Iron Throne in the House of the Undying in the Season 2 finale, it’s snowing. The writers peppered the foreshadowing all over the place in each season leading up to the reveal.

So it’s been hyped up for a while now that Jon Snow isn’t who we think he is. When they unofficially revealed his parents in the season 6 finale, fans everywhere celebrated that their theories were correct. But then, in the season 7 finale, Bran and Sam talk us through it and officially announce Jon’s parents. At this point, though, we’ve all pretty much known for more than a year.  We got the foreshadowing, we got the cool Three-Eyed Raven visions—why did we need that last bit? We got it, Jon Snow is the heir to the Iron Throne. 

game of thrones
Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark. Courtesy of HBO

All in All?

Jon Snow is a good guy. He doesn’t have a bad bone in his body. His struggles and character development, though, are bland. There’s not much more to him than his drive to stop the army of the dead. He’s brooding most of the time, and when he’s not he’s in the midst of battle. There just isn’t as much depth to his character compared to other people on the show. At the end of the day, Jon Snow will remain a GAME OF THRONES fan favorite — he definitely has a lot going for him. He’s a strong person and will continue on as an important character. But maybe in the upcoming episodes, he won’t be quite as boring.

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