Jon Moxley is perhaps one of the most popular, talented wrestlers in the business. He really is a wrestling fan’s wrestler. He’s relentless in the ring and takes no shit outside of it. He doesn’t just demand respect, he absolutely earns it. As part of All Elite Wrestling, he’s been able to unleash the beast within.

Moxley is Back in Action

Since Moxley’s reveal with AEW, we’ve seen him flourish. If you’ve you’ve been watching him, you can see he has his passion back. After some grueling years with another major wrestling company, Moxley says he feels free with AEW (as well as other “independent” companies.) He’s able to wrestle the way he wants to, without any words put into his mouth.

In our discussion with Moxley, he tells us all about his recent health complications and his recovery. A staph infection put him out of commission for a while, but he tells us that he’s feeling better and he’s ready to kick ass.

Moxley also addressed his past with stables, and whether he’d be teaming up with anyone in AEW. It doesn’t look like that’ll be happening any time soon, as he describes his current rampage through the AEW roster. (It’s been a joy to watch, hasn’t it?)

If you’ve ever wondered how Moxley carries himself in person, he’s basically Wolverine. He’s intimidating in a very different way than, say, Chris Jericho is. Moxley is reserved, calm, and serious. (Until you get him talking about Zorro. You’ll definitely want to see that in the video above.) Even though he’s cool and perfectly nice, you can tell he’s ready to beat the crap out of someone at any moment, and that he’s powerful as hell.  You just can’t help but have tremendous respect for Moxley.

To hear him talk about his experience with AEW, check out our interview with him above. If you want to see Moxley in action, check out AEW Dynamite on TNT on Wednesday nights.

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