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I’m sitting here, at ComicsVerse HQ, seething. Why am I seething? Well, it’s because DC has made another moronic move regarding the future of the DCEU. Now I’m sure some of you are sitting there thinking “moronic move? What is this crackpot talking about? Get this man away from the computer before he hurts himself.”

Well let me tell you, first of all, this is America, I can hurt myself all that I want. Secondly, prepare for a rant because I’ve raided our esteemed CEO Justin Alba’s fridge and drank all of his alcohol. And thirdly, nothing is going to hurt me more than this new Joker origin film anyway. So go ahead and try.

A Joker Origin Film Isn’t a Terrible Concept

First off, let’s be clear, I have no problem with the concept of a Joker origin film. I know some people do and love the fact that the Joker’s start is murky and all that, but that’s not me. Coming from a huge fan of THE KILLING JOKE and how Tim Burton adapted that for his BATMAN flick — this is off-putting.

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I have no problem with Martin Scorsese producing. Who would? The man is a legend. I have no problem with Todd Phillips directing. THE HANGOVER was funny enough. What I do have an issue with, is the whole idea that this film won’t take place in the DCEU.

What is the point? Seriously, I want to know the reason behind not having this film take place in the DCEU. This isn’t the comics. There really isn’t a place for “Elseworld” stories. It’s just going to confuse people. Let’s be frank here for a moment. Film audiences aren’t comic audiences. A lot of the people who see Marvel or DC films won’t ever pick up an Ultimate Spiderman or an Allstar Batman; and, that’s fine, I’m not ripping them for lack of interest.

Joker Origin

They Won’t Get It

My point, however, is this. Those casual fans won’t keep up with the news about this sort of stuff like a comic book fan would. They won’t care. People like us, people who enjoy comics, tend to care and scrutinize the films and tv shows a bit more because we have some reference to go on.

For example: do you think the casual fan realized that the live action BVS fight was inspired by The Dark Knight Returns? No! These are the types of people who go to the movie because they saw a cooler trailer of Batman and Superman fighting.

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Do you think these casual fans are going to realize that this film isn’t going to take place in the DCEU? My guess would be no. So now you’ve got a group of uninformed individuals (who are the majority by a wide margin) going into a film where Jared Leto isn’t the Joker. And? Well… If there is one thing that kills movie franchises, it’s a lack of stability in the actors/actresses you cast.

That is exactly what having someone other than Leto play the Joker in a joker origin film will be perceived as. Look no further than the Jokers nemesis, Batman! Besides replacing Billy Dee Williams,  in the 90’s those films had THREE different Batmans! Three! That’s insane. And, along with some terrible scripts and costumes, it proved to be the downfall of the franchise until Christopher Nolan came along.

Joker Origin

And what’s going to happen if this film succeeds financially (as most DC films have so far)? So what we’re going to have films that essentially count and don’t count now? Is that how we’re playing it DC? Please. All this is going to do is confuse more and more people.

Look, DC has made some mistakes in rolling out its movie franchise. They decided to introduce a swarm of characters at once instead of taking their time to develop the characters. They based their version of Batman off The Dark Knight Returns, meaning that they got an older actor who is probably going to call it quits after five movies instead of ten. But this bad. This is real bad. This is like, franchise killing bad. So do what you want DC, do what you want. Just don’t be surprised after this Joker origin story when fans don’t know what the hell is going on.

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