Most comic fans have never heard the name Joe Caramagna, but chances are they’ve probably seen his work. That’s because for years Caramagna worked as an under-the-radar letterer and inker for hundreds of issues.

In Marvel comics, it’s a lot harder to find a modern series that Caramagna hasn’t worked on then it is to find one that he has. From X-MEN and CAPTAIN AMERICA to IRON MAN and GHOST RIDER, Caramagna has been a part of so many popular Marvel titles. Recently, Caramagna has tried his hand at a new facet of the comic book world: writing. Caramagna’s become a popular Disney comics writer in the past few years. His name appears on titles such as DUCK TALES, FROZEN, and WRECK-IT RALPH.

Joe Caramagna at NYCC 2018

We had the opportunity to talk with Caramagna at NYCC 2018 about his extensive career in comics. Unlike a lot of people in comics, Caramagna has experience doing pretty much everything, from lettering and inking to writing and editing. With so many different skills at his disposal, I asked him about how he manages to balance everything. Very quickly, I came to realize that Caramagna doesn’t get a lot of sleep. He works around the clock.

Thankfully, he loves comics and he loves what he does, particularly when it comes to writing. I asked him about his experiences working with Disney and how he transitioned from lettering to writing children’s comics. With kids at home, Caramagna revealed how easy it was to begin writing kid-geared comics since he has a constant stream of inspiration. Plus, he doesn’t think that what he writes in his Disney comics is necessarily only for kids. After all, comics started as a medium “just for kids” and has become much more. According to Caramagna, anyone with a good sense of humor can enjoy the stories he tells. From what I’ve read in the past, I have to agree.

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