Brandon Bloxdorf from ComicsVerse talks to Jim Krieg about everything D.C.! With the 10th anniversary of their line of animated films DC Entertainment has unleashed a giant box set containing 30 of their animated films.

From Batman to Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, to the entire Justice Leauge being banded together. Past and future timelines, legendary storylines all finally in one giant box of DC goodness.

It’s something not to miss out on, and they’re in limited quantity so keep an eye out and grab one while you can!

ComicsVerse: I’m Brandon Bloxdorf, here at New York Comic Con 2017. I’m hanging out here with Jim Krieg. So, what can you tell me about this amazing box we have going on?

Jim Krieg: Well, first of all, here. Feel that.

ComicsVerse: Oh, my gosh.

ComicsVerse: Heavy, right?

ComicsVerse: Heavy.

ComicsVerse: It’s heavy because it’s thick with DC goodness. There are 30 movies in here, a ton of extras, interviews, shorts, tons of stuff you’re going to want to see. And, look, it opens up. It’s like a book, and then each page is another couple DVDs with some fantastic art.

BATGIRL #42: Bring Your Father To Work Day

It is blow-ups of the covers. They’re really pretty cool. And you can get it right now on digital download, or November 7th in its physical form, if you go online and order it. Which you should, because it’s going to be great. And I think your fans are going to love it.

ComicsVerse: Awesome. You’ve had an involvement with a lot of these movies, in itself. What do you think is your most favorite moment out of all these?

Jim Krieg: You know what, everyone is great. I’ve had a limited involvement when I’ve written or co-written some of them. But all these people who make these are my coworkers. And even before, even when I was working at other studios, I followed these. Because this is the stuff, we love. So, I mean, you kind of really do want to go back and review all of them.

As I just mentioned in my last interview, he asked me which my favorite one was. And I think it’s probably Dwayne McDuffie’s All-Star Superman because it’s very emotional for me. But so many are good. There’s a ton of good stuff in here, and I think the fans are going to love it.

ComicsVerse: Awesome. Thank you so much for hanging out. Good to see you.

Jim Krieg: Nice to meet you.

ComicsVerse: Thank you so much. You’re watching ComicsVerse. Thank you so much.

Jim Krieg: Bye-bye.

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