J.G. Jones interview

J.G. Jones is an iconic illustrator. His body of work is vast and diverse, ranging from beautiful painted covers on Y: THE LAST MAN to gorgeous panel-work in WANTED. Jones combines the ability to render locations and characters in the stunning strokes of classic artists, like Rockwell and James Bama, with the perspective and pacing of a modern comic book master. His work is a pleasure to behold and I encourage anyone reading this to pause before watching the interview, Google his oeuvre, and salivate.

Sitting across from Jones, I felt like Guy Fieri meeting the greatest lasagna-burger chef in the US. This comparison is apt not only because, like Guy Fieri’s, my hair during this interview was an abhorrent monstrosity and an affront to civilization, but also because if Guy Fieri’s TV show highlights exemplary American cuisine then this interview highlights an exemplary American illustrator.

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J.G. Jones: The Prolific Comics Creator and Cover Artist

As a reader, I obsess over talented creators. I want to know all about the people behind the works that move me. However, over years of watching creator interviews, I’ve developed a quiet anxiety about meeting the writers and artists behind my favorite books. When you put a face to a creator, suddenly that creator’s personality reflects in their work. If a creator is a jerk in person, I’ll find myself avoiding titles I previously enjoyed.

Conversely, learning about the freakin’ awesome personality of J.G. Jones only leaves me more obsessed. In J.G. Jones’s case, I can assure you that he is most definitely the latter. Jones came off as one of the nicest, most personable artists I’ve ever met at a Con. He was extremely humble, despite his reputation as a treasured talent. In short, J.G. Jones was a class act and it was an absolute pleasure to speak with him.

I’m just sorry he had to look at my hair.

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