If you loved Netflix’s JESSICA JONES, then I have good news for you: she’s back! Today, Marvel announced the release date for JESSICA JONES Season 2, along with a trailer. The trailer is short but gives a good glimpse at our favorite reluctant hero.

Looking Back to JESSICA JONES Season 1

We last saw Jessica Jones in the Netflix team up THE DEFENDERS, reluctantly working with Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist to save Manhattan from The Hand. Jessica was a breath of fresh air in a sometimes problematic show. Some of my favorite moments in the show feature Jessica, especially her snarky banter with Matt Murdock.

Looking Back on Luke Cage Season 1

Before THE DEFENDERS, though, Jessica had her own standalone show. JESSICA JONES was the second Marvel Netflix series to premiere, coming only after DAREDEVIL Season 1. The Netflix shows are much darker in tone than the film offerings of the MCU, and JESSICA JONES is no different. In fact, many (myself included) would argue that it’s the darkest show of the bunch.

JESSICA JONES’ first season dealt with some serious themes, like abuse, rape, and PTSD. Jessica is a damaged person, reeling from the trauma dealt upon her by Kilgrave. Kilgrave used his mind-control powers to force Jessica to do terrible things, even to the point of making her kill another person. Although Jessica was able to break free from Kilgrave, she is still suffering the aftereffects of this loss of control.

I low-key love all the Defenders, but Jessica is special.

The first season dealt with Jessica coming to terms with who she is, as a superpowered individual, and what she can do. We see her come into her own, make personal connections, and ultimately defeat Kilgrave. But that doesn’t mean all is well. We saw that Jessica is still struggling with her trauma in THE DEFENDERS, and it seems primed to be a big part of Season 2.

Looking Ahead to JESSICA JONES Season 2

The trailer is, regrettably, only a minute long. Even so, there’s some good material here to unpack.

Back to Business

In THE DEFENDERS, we learned that Jessica hasn’t been keeping up her private investigator business. She reluctantly takes a case, and it seems like that was what she needed to get back on track. In the trailer, Jessica is back to work. We see her taking pictures, and she mentions that “everyone has secrets.”

It’s good to see her return to something she values.

The private eye angle for JESSICA JONES was great. It’s interesting to see superheroes working a day job (yes, I know we have Matt Murdock as a lawyer, but what do Luke Cage or Danny Rand actually do?). So it’s great to see that Season 2 has Jessica back to doing something she’s good at.

This could also be a hint of her recovery. Jessica seemed to stop working after she killed Kilgrave due to intense trauma. Seeing her back at work hints that she’s finally able to move on. It’s a subtle sign of growth, but it points toward a better future for Jessica.

Some Familiar Faces

Obviously, we know Jessica is back (I mean, the show is called JESSICA JONES… it’s kind of a no-brainer). But the trailer shows some other familiar faces returning to JESSICA JONES Season 2.

I need a Trish.

Although they appear only briefly, both Malcolm and Trish are present. I loved Trish in Season 1, and I’m hopeful for more great action from her. I would love to see her develop into Hellcat in Season 2, although that might be asking a bit much. Even without that development, Trish is a fantastic character, and I’m glad to see her return. On top of her own personal merits, she’s good for Jessica.

There are also some faces that we notably do not see in the trailer. None of the Defenders show up, which makes sense in a way. This show is about JESSICA JONES, not THE DEFENDERS. She deserves her own time to shine. It is a little disappointing since Luke Cage was one of the best parts of Season 1, but now that they are no longer pursuing the romance angle, it makes sense to remove him.

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But most noticeably absent is Kilgrave himself. Kilgrave was, of course, killed at the end of JESSICA JONES Season 1. Jessica herself killed him, something that seems to be weighing on her. But we know that David Tennant is returning this season, so it’s interesting that they chose not to include him in the trailer.

Lingering Trauma

The trailer makes it clear that Jessica is still struggling. We see her drinking in several scenes. In Season 1, Jessica’s alcoholism was practically a character of its own, so it’s not unexpected to see this come up. However, it can be an indication that she is still unable to move on from her past.

Coping with trauma, however she can.

We also see that Jessica is struggling with the ramifications of her actions in Season 1, namely killing Kilgrave. She worries about what she is capable of. Although she did what needed to be done, it was not easy. It’s pretty great that Marvel is showing this lingering trauma. Frequently superheroes are expected to move on, although we have seen some issue in the MCU like Tony Stark’s PTSD.

But to make it a major plot point in JESSICA JONES is worth celebrating. And it definitely seems to be major. Trish suggests that Jessica would be better off if she knew more about her powers and her past. But Jessica sees this as more of a threat to her well-being. She worries that it will “make her worse” to know. This is important; Jessica’s trauma stops her from being able to live fully.

Aesthetics On Point

Even aside from any plot hints, the trailer is enjoyable cinema on its own. The look from JESSICA JONES Season 1 (and, less noticeably, Jessica’s parts of THE DEFENDERS) is back in full force. Quick scene changes, views through Jessica’s camera lens, and fast motion bring to mind the feel of Jessica’s life.

The light play and colors in the trailer are on point too. JESSICA JONES is a dark show, but it’s not entirely dark. There are a lot of vibrant colors in this trailer, especially in neon lighting. Purple does show up, hinting towards Tennant’s Purple Man returning. The contrast of light and shadow is also very prominent. Jessica is still clearly in a dark place, but there are moments of light, too.

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I am in love with the musical choice here, too. “Barracuda” is such a strong song, and it fits Jessica well. The rock and roll aesthetic works well, and having a song by a female-led group for one of the MCU’s very few female heroes is a great choice.

And Now We Wait

The trailer for JESSICA JONES Season 2 is just enough to whet your appetite and leave you wanting more. JESSICA JONES was such a good show, though it was dark and often difficult to watch. JESSICA JONES Season 2 promises to be even better.

JESSICA JONES Season 2 premieres on Netflix on March 8, 2018.

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