JESSICA JONES #14 brings Jessica one step closer to a new battle with Kilgrave. Brian Michael Bendis adds new levels to this conflict, while Micheal Gaydos brings us from the streets to space and back again.
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Old Wounds
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So JESSICA JONES #14 begins, as issue #13 did, with somewhat of a misstep. Luke Cage bursts into Ryker’s, demanding to know why no one has informed them about Purple Man’s escape. Captain Marvel talks him down, but the whole short scene feels a tad forced. The creative team seems to want to give Cage more screen time, but the issue quickly switches over to the main focus — Jessica talking to Kilgrave through her daughter Danielle.

Parent’s Worst Nightmare

I said in my review of JESSICA JONES #13 that the ending disturbed me, and this installment isn’t pulling any punches either. Kilgrave’s harsh words about how Jessica doesn’t deserve a child are even harsher coming from Danielle’s innocent face. Writer Brian Michael Bendis crafts a tense scene as Jessica seethes, unable to act in fear of Killgrave harming Dani. Kilgrave abandons his previous melancholic tone somewhat, as he states he will make contact with Jessica and leaves Dani. Jessica is, understandably, shaken by this event. Michael Gaydos renders the emotions wonderfully with the following scene at an ice cream parlor. Despite the happy setting, the harsh pinks give an air of unease, as if blood is in the water.

JESSICA JONES #14 page 11. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

Calm Before the Storm

So Jessica’s next move is to put Dani in the safest place possible — Alpha Flight’s space station. Carol Danvers organizes everything, and it’s a testament to Bendis that he can write such a fantastic scene without losing his gritty narrative. It’s also a nice shift for Gaydos, who gets to draw something beyond city streets. He paints in the same gritty style as the New York scenes. However, he uses the dark colors more vividly here. The colors swirl, creating the look of space with just a few blotches of white. It shows Gaydos’ talents wonderfully.

JESSICA JONES #14 page 13. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

The story returns to Earth (though Bendis ends the space scene with a little bit of Dani tension) as Jessica, Carol, and Luke have some last words. Bendis uses these final moments to solidify Carol and Jessica’s friendship. Carol refuses to let Jessica face Kilgrave alone. She praises Jessica for getting help instead of getting lost in booze again. Luke offers the same support as a husband. He reminds Jessica that her problems are now their shared problems. It shows how much Jessica has changed since her first encounter with Kilgrave, and the strong support system she now has.

Wanted Women: Female Directors in Jessica Jones

Kilgrave is still her problem, though. Jessica goes to the abandoned cupcake shop that functions as her headquarters. She bemoans the loss of the original Alias, as she sits and waits for Kilgrave. It doesn’t take long.

Final Thoughts on JESSICA JONES #14

JESSICA JONES #14 works as a set up for the bigger story to follow. The creative staff uses Jessica’s motherhood for some powerful drama, and we get some new settings and strong art as well. This story has bubbled along for the past few issues. The brew now stands ready to be enjoyed in the upcoming issue.

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