Fabio Castelblanco talked with Jenny Frison at Ace Comic-Con. Frison talked Revival, her drawing process, and working with Tim and Mike Norton. You do not want to miss out on this interview with ComicsVerse’s very own Fabio Castelblanco at last year’s Ace Comic-Con 2017.

This transcript has been edited for clarity.

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Hey guys, I’m Fabio Castelblanco. I’m here with Jenny Frison at Ace Comic Con Long Island and you’re watching ComicsVerse. Jenny, you started out working with Tim Seeley and what was that comic that you worked on with him?

Jenny Frison: Well, my very first comic was with Tim Seeley. My very first cover was with Tim Seeley. Which was Hack Slash, but we worked for years on a comic called Revival, which is probably what you’re asking.

ComicsVerse: Yes. And what was it like being approached that way from that comic book writer and, you know, getting that cover, getting started?


Jenny Frison: So full disclosure, I’m married to his brother, so it was pretty easy for him to ask and for me to say yes. And we actually worked in a studio together. Tim, myself, and Mike Norton all worked in a studio together for a couple, well, a number of years. So that was also just sort of a no-brainer. We all were working together and working on the same thing, but pretty easy.

ComicsVerse: That’s very nice. Do you have a favorite cover that you’ve done, one that you’ve drawn and it’s like, “Oh, I love this so much?”

Jenny Frison: No. Can no be an answer? I mean, I have favorite series that I’ve worked on. I certainly loved Revival. And, I really love Martha and drawing M, the main character, well, one of the two main characters. I love Wonder Woman, like Wonder Woman is why I am into comics and I get to do covers for that, which is amazing. I love working on Wonder Woman and I also really love, I mean, I just love drawing women in general anyway, but I like Vampirella and Red Sonia were two of my favorite characters that I’ve worked on.

ComicsVerse: Nice, okay. And so how would you describe your process in terms of drawing, ’cause they seem very realistic but at the same time, very comic book, so how do you go about drawing these characters?

Jenny Frison: Well, I mean, I guess always in the forefront of my mind when I’m drawing is to make an authentic character, so like whatever ethnicity or, you know, gender or thing that drives the character, I always want to keep that in mind and really try to embody that, so that’s important to me.

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ComicsVerse: That’s good. That’s always good to keep in mind. So, last question, is there anything else, or any projects that you’re working on that you want to give a shout-out to or anything that you want people to know about?

Jenny Frison: I mean, I’m doing Wonder Woman twice a month and, you know, other things here and there but, Wonder Woman, everyone pick up Wonder Woman.

ComicsVerse: Yes, definitely pick up Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman is very big right now. I saw a lot of Wonder Women at the —

Jenny Frison: Yeah, I got to meet Gal Gadot. It was awesome. It was so awesome. She’s so beautiful, but it was literally an instant and she looked, I mean, I was like how did she manage to make on instant feel so meaningful? Like she just, it was like, she was so kind and beautiful and she looked me right in the eyes and we got a quick picture and I left and I haven’t stopped smiling since. I’m just like, “Oh my god, she is so sweet! That’s amazing!”

ComicsVerse: I’m so jealous.

Jenny Frison: It was great. You should try it. Try to get in there.

ComicsVerse: Alright, well, thank you, thank you so much, Jenny, for taking the time.

Jenny Frison: Sure.

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Guys, this has been Jenny Frison at Ace Comic Con Long Island. Please check us out, our interviews, podcasts, and other articles at ComicsVerse.com!

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