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Jennifer after she is turned by Lykan

I don’t think I’ve read a comic that was more vague than JENNIFER THE SHE WOLF PART ONE, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Luis Cruz, the writer, tells us how Jennifer becomes a werewolf, who turns her, and what her purpose in life is, but nothing else, and it leaves you wanting more.

Though she loses her husband, she still has her children at the time she is turned, but there is no interaction with them. The reader does not know what happens to them. All we know is that she has lost everything she has ever loved, and she does not cope well. Her love is obvious but nothing else is.

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After her back story, we are transported from 1922 to 2014 where she proceeds to save a man in a wheelchair from a group of monsters. There is no indication of where these monsters come from (we find out they are in fact Zombies) or why they are there.

The story itself does not tell the reader a lot, but the artistic decisions are very interesting.

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I enjoyed the fact that the past was done in black and white by one artist and the present was done in color by another artist. It gives the comic a little something extra because of the art. The art is simple in both the past and the present. The focus is more on the dialogue than anything else.

This first issue leaves the reader wanting more. It makes you want to know what exactly Jennifer did from 1922 to 2014, and what she is doing now. This is such a great quality for any comic book to have. For readers to keep coming, you must keep them interested and wondering what will happen next.

I do wish that the comic was longer and you got to find out more about the world Jennifer lives in or about her. I was interested and was disappointed that it ended so quickly. Hopefully Part two won’t be so short!
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