Throughout the years, there has always been one X-MEN who’s towered over the others. While she might have seemed like the girl character at first, her historic storylines captured the hearts and imaginations of fans young and old for years. That character is, of course, the radiant Jean Grey. Yet tragically, Jean’s been missing from our lives for long, long time. While she was gone, our hearts grew fonder and fonder for the red-headed psychic; yearning for the day when she’s grace our comic book shops once again.

That day, the day when she finally comes back in full force is today. X-MEN RED by Tom Taylor and Mahmud Asrar with covers by Travis Charest hit store shelves February 2018. The comic boasts itself as a new team of X-MEN, giving Jean the leadership position she deserves. Finally, we’ll get to see an all-knowing psychic character lead a team in a positive way. Having just returned to the comic books, it appears Jean leaves no stone unturned.

Her legacy might have been acting as that one girl X-Men for years, but no longer. She’s strong, capable, and ready to fight back with all the fire and fury a person holding the Phoenix Force can muster. Finally, after years since her debut in 1963, we’re getting the Jean fans deserve. As of PHOENIX: RESURRECTION, she’ll be a true adult with the prowess of her later incarnations. Any fans of Jean Grey cannot miss this upcoming release.

If you’ve been craving the classic “red versus blue” dichotomy, this looks like Marvel’s beginning to edge along that line. Yet instead of picking another stereotypical leader for the opposing team, choosing Jean sends a statement through comic book history. It acknowledges the past, how Jean was nothing more than a girl with telekinesis. Yet now, one of the most complex characters in comic book history finally gets the team she deserves, and we’ll be counting down the days until February and the release of X-MEN RED in the meantime.

Jean Grey and Phoenix Resurrection Image Gallery

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