After her showdown with Cassandra Nova, Jean Grey is tired of the prejudice from mankind. She commandeers the island of Genosha and takes several commercial planes as collateral, declaring it for the mutant nation. Will Jean Grey unleashes her powers on mankind? Check out the preview below!


x-men red #10


Written by: Tom Taylor

Art by: Rogê Antônio

Cover by: Jenny Frison

Wanna see Jean Grey potentially wipe out humanity? Get your copy here!


In the aftermath of a showdown between Jean Grey and Cassandra Nova, the rules have changed — and the battle is nowhere near over! It’s all hands on deck as the building wave of hatred against mutants crashes down on the X-Men!

X-MEN RED #10 Preview Image Gallery

x-men red #10 x-men red #10 x-men red #10 x-men red #10 x-men red #10 x-men red #10

x-men red #10
All images courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

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