Beware; spoilers for JEAN GREY #9 are abound!

After entering the mindscape of Emma Frost, the young Jean Grey found herself meeting a remnant of the Phoenix Force. This confrontation was supposed to go smoothly. It didn’t go nearly as well as planned. Now, in JEAN GREY #9, our titular hero is suffering the consequences of her brief contact with the Phoenix. Additionally, Emma Frost and a spectral, older version of Jean Grey, are struggling to save the young Jean’s life. So, the question remains, will the two be able to put aside their differences to save the dying Jean Grey?

jean grey #9
JEAN GREY #9 page 13. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

The Once and Future Phoenix

The issue begins with paramedics trying to save the young Jean Grey in the back of an ambulance. Meanwhile, Emma and the older Jean argue over the events that have just taken place. Ultimately, Emma blames the ghostly Jean for permitting young Jean’s entrance into her mind. Older Jean believed that exposing younger Jean to a sliver of the Phoenix could have cured her like a vaccine. As a result, the threat of the Phoenix would be gone for good.

Obviously, that plan failed.

The debate between the two eventually turns into their perception of the Phoenix’s influence. This sequence might be the issue’s stand-out moment. Ultimately, Emma expresses a more idealistic perception of the Phoenix Force. She maintains a reverence for the power. Though her experience with it was brief, The Phoenix exemplified her greatest desires. On the other hand, the spectral Jean counters Emma’s perspective. This is unsurprising considering her tragic history with the Phoenix.

This moment is beneficial to the development of two important characters. So, I wish the dialogue between them lasted a little longer. It would’ve elevated the narrative of this issue a little more. Additionally, this sequence characterizes the Phoenix itself through two different viewpoints. With the impending arrival of the Phoenix, it would have been interesting to gain more of an intimate perspective of the entity.

Guess Who’s Back

Unfortunately, some moments of the narrative did feel out of place. The sequence with the Stepford Cuckoos seemed drawn out compared to the rest of the issue. Their presence is brief and bears little impact on the overall narrative. I would have rather had that sequence cut down in favor of characterizing the primary characters further.

JEAN GREY #9 concludes with the revival of the young Jean Grey by the unexpected assistance of Quentin Quire. Simultaneously, Hope Summer joins the group, warning her companions that the Phoenix is on its way. It’s worth noting the humorous quip about Cable in this sequence. I found it to be enjoyable despite its brevity.

Marvel Touts Jean Grey’s Return in PHOENIX RESURRECTION Teaser Video

Once Jean finally wakes up, to everyone’s shock, she affirms that the Phoenix has already arrived. The final page of the issue proves that her words have come to fruition. Overall, JEAN GREY #9 isn’t a fantastic issue, but it is an entertaining one. I enjoy the dynamic between Emma Frost and the older Jean Grey. Also, the final pages that reveal the anticipated arrival of the Phoenix are particularly exciting.

jean grey #9
JEAN GREY #9 page 16. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

The Many Hues of JEAN GREY #9

The artwork of JEAN GREY #9 is certainly the stand-out aspect of this piece. David Yardin’s cover is bold, vibrant, and unique. Also, I love Victor Ibáñez’s depiction of the influence of the Phoenix Force. It’s terrifying and vast, yet compelling at the same time. I especially enjoyed his portrayal of Emma Frost harnessing the fiery power of the Phoenix. Per usual, Jay David Ramos’ color palette excels. Not only does he enhance the energy of Ibáñez’ work but he also achieves some gorgeous contrast in every panel.

The RUNAWAYS: From Panel to Screen

When I first started reading this issue, I expected the tone of the work to be a little darker. Not only was the young Jean dying but there was also an ominous presence looming over the narrative. Interestingly, the tone remained vibrant during the entirety of JEAN GREY #9. To my surprise, this actually works. The world of young Jean Grey is one that maintains a little naïvety in addition to an overall light. I’m glad that the tone of the series has remained the same, even as the storyline veers into darker territory.

jean grey #9
JEAN GREY #9 page 21. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

The Return

JEAN GREY #9 is a fun issue thanks to the talents of writer Dennis Hopeless and an amazing crew of artists. Despite this, this work still wasn’t a stellar one. Some significant moments, such as the discussion between Emma and the older version of Jean Grey, were cut too short. Also, sequences that don’t contribute much to the narrative felt a little drawn out.

Regarding future issues, I hope that the arrival of the Phoenix Force doesn’t let us down. There’s been plenty of buildups; the anticipation is high. Ultimately, JEAN GREY has been consistent with its entertainment value. So, I expect the upcoming confrontation with the Phoenix to at least be an exciting one.

Jean Grey #9 by Dennis Hopeless, Victor Ibáñez, Jay David Ramos, & Travis Lanham
Though JEAN GREY #9 isn't the best part of the series, it's consistently entertaining and sets up an epic confrontation.
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