Jean Grey’s solo series from writer Dennis Hopeless revolves around her journey into discovering the capacity of her abilities. Along the way, she has encountered many notable figures in the Marvel Universe including Thor and Psylocke. In JEAN GREY #6, our titular hero encounters the famous sorcerer, Doctor Strange. The issue explores the confrontation between ResurrXion’s younger interpretation of Jean Grey and various versions of herself from the past.

Because of this, the issue is especially introspective. Jean attempts to come to terms with the various facets of her character. She believes doing so may help her move forward from her past tragedies caused by the Phoenix Force. However, despite the progress in regard to Jean’s character in this issue, there is ultimately no closure to the overall issue. This, therefore, leaves me wondering about the significance of its events in the first place.

jean grey #6
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Strange New Worlds

Right off the bat, we are introduced to Doctor Strange through the execution of a strange ceremony meant to facilitate communication between Jean and the entity she continues hearing in her mind. JEAN GREY #6 depicts the famous sorcerer in an eccentric manner. Though this may make it seem as though he does not take his work seriously, Strange proves himself to be a formidable force. Because of this, his engagement with Jean Grey is among one of the more favorable alliances in the JEAN GREY solo series.

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His abilities allow him to come into contact with otherworldly entities. Because of this, he proves to be relevant to the overall story arc. This renders him one of the more engaging allies to make an appearance in this series, certainly more than Thor and Namor whose presences seemed a tad extraneous. So, Doctor Strange’s contribution to the narrative is definitely among the issue’s strong points.

Regarding Jean’s confrontations with her alternate personas, the issue falters. The narrative builds up to an exciting revelation that never takes place. Sure, it is engaging to witness Jean see past memories as well as the Phoenix Force itself. Besides this, though, nothing conclusive emerges from these moments. Because of this, the issue proves to be disappointing and even feels a little repetitive, as nothing new is brought to the table. Jean’s efforts to change her future and rid herself of the Phoenix Force’s influences remain static. There has not really been any progress in her journey to preventing her tragic future. Jean has not acquired much knowledge in how to counter the power of the Phoenix Force. So, in retrospect, the series slightly lags in progressing the overall story arc.

jean grey #6
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The Hues of the Fire

Colorist Jay David Ramos excels at implementing a fitting palette for the Phoenix Force. The various tones he blends contribute to the depiction of a vast and intimidating entity. Along with this, I enjoy the way Ramos juxtaposes the Phoenix Force’s tones with the colors of Jean and Strange’s astral projections. It is as though he is bringing the chaos of the Phoenix with the humanity of Jean Grey and her ally.

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Overall, Paul Davidson’s illustrations are quite enjoyable. His portrayals of Doctor Strange’s lair are intricate and contribute to his eccentricities. However, at times, the characters appear imbalanced, particularly Jean and Strange. There are a few sequences in which their bodies seem disproportioned. Besides this though, I love his work on the alternate versions of Jean Grey. They appeared to embody an essence of nostalgia and vibrancy that showcases Jean Grey’s prowess.

So, though the narrative falters in JEAN GREY #6, the artwork certainly proves to be a winner.

jean grey #6
Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

What Lies Beyond JEAN GREY #6

Because this issue struggles in establishing new plot devices and exciting elements to the narrative, I hope future issues explore new aspects. I especially hope for some more characterization of Jean Grey’s alternate personas. They appear to be commencing a new role in the plot. Overall, JEAN GREY has proven to be an exciting new series. Though JEAN GREY #6 may be one of the more disappointing entries, its emphasis on Doctor Strange as well as its engaging artwork make it a worthy read.

Jean Grey #6 By Dennis Hopeless, Paul Davidson, & Jay David Ramos
Though JEAN GREY #6 has its fair share of thrilling moments and intense confrontations, it ultimately fails to bring any new elements to the narrative.
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Engaging but ultimately disappointing
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  1. Justin Gilbert Alba

    August 31, 2017 at 2:06 pm

    are you a Dark Phoenix Saga fan?


    • Maite Molina

      September 1, 2017 at 11:56 am

      Of course!


  2. Justin Gilbert Alba

    August 31, 2017 at 1:56 am

    Excellent write up! So do you think featuring Jean’s character in this more humorous light is an interesting take? I miss it when she’s taken more seriously, there’s so much about her to explore!


    • Maite Molina

      August 31, 2017 at 11:32 am

      I personally enjoyed it at first but now that the story is getting deeper into her dark connection with the Phoenix Force, I am hoping we see a change in tone!


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