Beware, potential spoilers for JEAN GREY #4 below!

Previously in JEAN GREY, our titular hero was trying to devise a plan to escape the Dark Phoenix’s influence. During her journey, Namor the Sub-Mariner perceived Jean as a resolute warrior, so he advised her to seek out The Mighty Thor. JEAN GREY #4 features the unlikely encounter between these two notable heroes, and it’s as strange and humorous as you’d expect.

jean grey #4
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A Wasted Asgardian

The issue commences with Jean encountering a group of bad guys who are looking to kill Thor, so she seeks out the Asgardian to warn him of the incoming danger. To her surprise, she finds Thor drunk at a bar. He is relaying epic stories of his battles, a stark contrast to his current, unseemly setting. Jean, of course, is quite baffled by the state of this famed warrior. Though, it isn’t long before the Asgardian proves himself to be worthy of his fame. Jean and Thor find themselves facing off against an army of enemies. The two end up defeating their opponents, with the help of Jean’s “friggin’ magic hammer” that she beckons through her telepathy.

After the conclusion of this battle, Jean realizes that Thor had been trying to teach her a lesson all along. He knew his enemies were coming and made them believe he was vulnerable by passing time in a bar. He ultimately teaches Jean that improvisation in a battle can be good a thing, as long as you’ve devised some sort of plan first.

jean grey #4
Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

An Unexpected Alliance

This issue strays from the central arc of this series, which focuses on Jean seeking a way to overcome the influence of the Phoenix Force. Instead, this particular entry focuses on a self-contained story as well as some background on The Mighty Thor. Surprisingly, this background takes up most of the narrative. However, this is not a negative aspect of the issue. It ultimately draws parallels to Jean’s personal predicament as well as her fortitude in overcoming the Dark Phoenix Force. Though Jean may not see herself as the warrior Namor perceived, she certainly exudes the qualities of one. She is a leader with intimidating power. She is relentless in her efforts to not let the corruption of the Dark Phoenix overcome her.

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Upon discovering that Jean was going to encounter Thor in this issue, I was a little surprised those two characters were getting paired up. Thankfully, Jean and Thor maintain some entertaining chemistry that I hope Dennis Hopeless develops in the next issue. Once again, the issue depicts Jean as a dynamic character who can pull off some laugh out loud jokes mid-battle. Ultimately, I love Jean Grey in this series. I love her youthful, light-hearted nature despite her grim inner conflicts.

The Many Hues of JEAN GREY #4

I have enjoyed the vibrancy of JEAN GREY thus far, and the latest issue is no different. Colorists Jay David Ramos and Dono Sanchez-Almara do a fantastic job in maintaining the youthful energy in JEAN GREY #4 that this series succeeds in exuding. The tonal change in the Asgardian flashback sequences transports the reader from Jean’s modern universe into Thor’s grittier past. Personally, I wish Harvey Tolibao’s lines were less bold in certain sequences so that the characters’ expressions were sharper and easier to interpret.

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Going off of this, I believe the lettering in this issue tends to obscure some of the action sequences, particularly in the Asgardian flashbacks. Overall though, the artwork is amongst this work’s positives. It is detailed, consistent, and captures Jean’s youthful innocence. I particularly enjoy the juxtaposition between Thor and Jean in this issue since Thor is depicted to be more imposing in size. Despite this, the characterization exemplifies more similarities than differences in these two heroes.

jean grey #4
Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

Looking Ahead

This series has been a fantastic depiction of a multi-faceted Jean Grey, and this issue continues to highlight its strengths. Though JEAN GREY #4 takes a step back from the series’ arc, it still continues to make subtle allusions to Jean’s future. Something big is in store for our titular hero. With this, I have no doubts that this relentless Jean Grey can overcome these incoming forces. However, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Jean Grey #4 by Dennis Hopeless and Harvey Tolibao
JEAN GREY #4 is seriously entertaining and will only make you fall in love with our titular hero even more.
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