Previously in JEAN GREY, our titular hero found herself allied with Namor the Sub-Mariner in order to find answers about the Dark Phoenix entity that contacted her at the end of the first issue. Throughout this series, writer Dennis Hopeless and artist Harvey Tolibao have made an effort to focus on Jean’s youth. There is an abundance of humor, such as Jean making jokes at her own expense about the famous “Dark Phoenix Saga.” In case you don’t quite remember this era, the “Dark Phoenix Saga” was when an alien entity possessed Jean and turned her against the X-Men. So, not her best moment.

JEAN GREY, though, has turned away from the darkness associated with her character in favor of establishing a fresher take on the Jean we love. This new series also takes on her personal conflict in being the sole female leader of a mostly male team. There is a particular focus on Jean’s efforts to redeem herself with this second chance she’s been given. Of course, she is receiving a second chance because she and various other X-Men were displaced from their timeline and sent to the future as their younger selves.

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Initially, Jean believed she could escape her dark past and begin anew without the death she caused in her previous life. Unfortunately, the past is inescapable. The Dark Phoenix contacts Jean various times about her inability to escape her fate. When she tells her teammates, they seem unconvinced that there is a real threat to fear. So, she seeks out allies who may give her some guidance. Namor perceives Jean as a warrior, capable of overcoming the Dark Phoenix Force. He suggests that she seek out another notable warrior for assistance. Per his advice, she journeys to meet The Mighty Thor in JEAN GREY #4.

In the preview for JEAN GREY #4, Jean does not seem to agree with Namor. She does not see herself as a warrior in any capacity or strong enough to master her powers. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have much time to continue pondering this idea. Upon the conclusion of our exclusive preview, Jean discovers a group of bad guys scheming to kill Thor. Seems like she is going to have a lot on her hands in this upcoming issue!

JEAN GREY #4 hits shelves July 12th. Check out ComicsVerse’s exclusive preview below!

JEAN GREY #4 Full Preview


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