JEAN GREY #10 by Dennis Hopeless, Alberto Alburquerque, & Jay David Ramos
JEAN GREY #10 is an epic issue that never fails to present readers with a fierce, brave Jean Grey.
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An explosive issue
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Beware: spoilers abound for JEAN GREY #10!

Previously in JEAN GREY, our favorite telekinetic almost died after a fiery encounter with a remnant of the Phoenix Force living within Emma Frost’s mind. Now, after much anticipation, the Phoenix is finally here! JEAN GREY #10 explores the consequences of the long-awaited confrontation between Jean Grey and the Phoenix through the engaging narrative led by writer Dennis Hopeless.

So, is Jean ready for the fight of her life? Find out below!

jean grey #10
JEAN GREY #10 page 3. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

A Force of Nature

JEAN GREY #10 kicks off immediately where the previous issue left off. The Phoenix has arrived and is already making its wrath known. The issue immediately focuses on Jean Grey’s introspection. She’s afraid and unsure if she’s capable of taking on the Phoenix. This introspection is an indicator of her youth and naiveté. Though some may perceive the content of her thoughts as weaknesses, I believe they humanize Jean and make her a relatable, as well as an admirable, character. Despite her inexperience, she’s about to take on one of the most powerful entities in the Marvel Universe. It would be a little weird if she wasn’t afraid.

Before any serious fighting ensues, Pickles teleports Jean and company to the abandoned New Xavier School. Here, the young Jean Grey, the older, spectral Jean Grey, and Emma Frost discuss the gravity of their situation. The older Jean believes that the Stepford Cuckoos, Hope Summers, and the rest of the accompanying mutants shouldn’t be involved in the upcoming battle. Rather, the confrontation against the Phoenix is the younger Jean’s alone. The Phoenix is tied to her destiny.

So, the young Jean decides to take on the challenge herself.

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The Jean Grey of Future Past

There is a fantastic quote that Jean states upon the end of the issue. She says, “I’m not the girl I was when this thing started.” She certainly has grown a lot from the person she was at the beginning of her solo series. Even the challenges she faced were nothing compared to what she’s facing now. This growth showcases Hopeless’ ability to handle a character with a rich, and recurring, history.

Without giving too much away, the conclusion of the issue will leave readers a little bit horrified as well as anxiously anticipating what will become of the Jean Grey we’ve come to know over these past few issues.

jean grey #10
JEAN GREY #10 page 18. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

The Many Hues of JEAN GREY #10

Alberto Alburquerque’s illustrations are wonderfully detailed and never falter in their consistency. As a result, every panel is engaging. Though JEAN GREY #10 is abundant with action, the imagery never feels chaotic. As a result, each page features cohesive images relevant to the current state of the narrative.

How Superheroes Brought Me Back to Life

With that being said, the stand-out aspect of this particular issue is the depiction of the Phoenix. The presentation of the entity is terrifying and intimidating. Per usual, Jay David Ramos’ coloring is impeccable. The tone of JEAN GREY #10 darkens as the Phoenix becomes more of a domineering presence. As a result, the last few pages of the issue are exemplifications of the power of the Phoenix itself.

Thus, the collaboration of the art with the narrative makes for a thrilling piece. Additionally, the artwork augments the characterization of Jean Grey herself. Alburquerque emphasizes Jean’s youthful nature by depicting her with large eyes as if she’s experiencing the world for the first time.

These creative decisions, through every element of the art, elevates this issue to one that’s beyond entertaining.

What Lies Beyond

The conclusion of JEAN GREY #10 is quite the cliffhanger. As a result, us readers can only wonder what’s in store for our red-headed mutant. What we can be sure of though is that the force of the Phoenix is still at large.

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