Jason Shawn Alexander at New York Comic Con 2015 interviewed by ComicsVerse

New York City Comic Con 2015 was, as always, an incredible experience. People from all walks of life gathered to celebrate the visual medium, dressing as their favorite characters, and learning new and exciting things about their favorite comics and characters. However, some of the people at New York Comic Con 2015 weren’t only there for the comics. Artist Jason Shawn Alexander is one of these people.

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Though he has done some comic illustration, Jason Shawn Alexander is known for his visual art. He is from Tennessee but spends most of his time in Los Angeles, where his art often exhibits.

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Jason Shawn Alexander’s Artistic Style

Known for his dark, dripping style, Jason’s art has a haunting tone to it likely because of the use of a lot of watercolors. Critics find his style instantly recognizable.  The images horrify and evoke sadness. At the same time, the feel beautiful and scary. In this interview, Jason discusses where his art comes from and, hence, how much of himself ends up on the page. His answers might surprise you!

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In conclusion, it was an absolute pleasure to speak with Jason about the nature of artistic expression.  A true artist to the core, it is clear that he leaves his heart and soul on the page. If you have the opportunity to see his illustrations and images, you need to do so.  It is an experience you won’t forget.

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