ComicsVerse’s very own Brandon Bloxdorf talks to Jason O’Mara at NYCC 2017 about BATMAN!

ComicsVerse: So you’ve actually become this generation’s Batman at this point. You’re the voice of basically the new 52 Batman and Beyond. What have you tried to do to keep yourself so unique and different and define yourself as Batman?

Jason O’Mara: You know, I just really kind of worked as hard as I could to find a version of the character that I felt was honest and true for me. It’s tricky to approach the character because there are so many versions of him, so many different gifted actors who have played him and he so pervades the pop culture universe that it’s almost impossible to avoid any other version of Batman to taint your own. So I would say there was a lot of pressure when I first stepped up to play him. But over time I mostly have been lucky enough to get repeated opportunities to play him, over time I think it’s become me, more, you know.

I don’t really know what I bring specifically except that I think every actor, as long as they’re really honest about the character and bring their own emotions and experiences to it, it’s gonna be different every time.

Jason O'Mara is Batman in this DC Animated Film

And not least because of the storylines. My version of Batman is a dad, you know.

ComicsVerse: Which is great. It’s something that hasn’t been done before.

Jason O’Mara: It hasn’t been done before and that whole subplot with Talia is kind of messed up but you know that fact that he’s got this son who is also a Ninja assassin. So it moves away from actual Robin who Bruce Wayne was always a father figure to, to actually being a father and Robin has now become Nightwing and has flown the coop, literally and metaphorically.

I just thought that was really fun to play and so lucky I got to have that storyline really.

ComicsVerse: What does Batman mean to you as a person? How does it reflect you in your actual life?

Jason O’Mara: I think Batman means so much to everybody because I think there’s light and dark in every human being, you know. We have to do our best to overcome the darkness and enter the light but sometimes it’s possible to actually use the darkness for strength to do the right thing and I think that’s the enduring appeal of the character. He doesn’t have superpowers, he’s rich, as the joke goes but he’s everyman. And he also had a messed up childhood and I think everybody has their version of a messed up childhood. But he’s been able to turn it around and make it work for him.

I think that’s the enduring appeal and I think it’s funny because earlier we were doing a panel and taking a quick poll in the audience, like who loves Batman standalone movies and who wishes there were other characters that got a little more love and I think there was one guy that put his hand and said, I don’t like Batman standalone movies.

It’s funny how, I mean yes, are there too many Batman movies out there standalone? You could argue either way I guess but the fact is, I think he’s the most popular character for a reason. And the fact that he can coexist with different versions of himself and for them all to be successes, says something about the character more than the actor. That’s pretty cool.

ComicsVerse: Can I get an “I’m Batman” from you in your Batman’s voice?

Jason O’Mara: Okay! “I’m Batman.”

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