ComicsVerse’s Chris Massari had the pleasure of speaking to James Tynion and Freddie Williams at the New York comic Con 2017!

The following transcript has been edited for clarity.

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Chris Massari: I’m Chris Massari, and ComicsVerse is here at New York Comicon, 2017 with James Tynion the IV, and Freddie Williams the II.

Here to talk about Batman, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Number two. Gentlemen, the first one was very successful. It got great acclaim from all the reviews. What’s new in the second saga?

James Tynion: Honestly, the biggest difference is the first one brought the turtles to Gotham city, and now we’re bringing Gotham city to the turtles. We’re taking Batman and Robin and Bane, one of my favorite Batman villains, and we’re throwing them right in the midst of a foot plant civil war, unfolding on the streets of New York City. Yeah, it’s going to be a wild drive.

Freddie W.: Yeah, it’s the same continuity, so it’s an ill-defined period of time, we don’t specifically say, but it’s like a few months or more, something around there. Basically, the change of scenery and then the immediate visual difference is that Batman has a new costume, like just from the last series. Literally, that’s about it. Everybody else is still in continuity, same designs, everything.

Chris Massari: What does that suit look like? Is it similar to an older Bat suit? Or is it kind of, your own take on it?

Freddie W.: It’s the rebirth design. In there, before he was wearing like a new 50 [shoe 00:01:31] type of outfit. He has changed just to update with the rebirth, consistency.

Chris Massari: Now, how much time do you guys spend between paneling and art? You worked on the book together before. In this one, did you work less, more, was it like a consistent basis, where you kind of went out and got coffee? Was it the usual email thing back and forth? How did that work?

James Tynion: In the first one, like I used to write these full script, where I’d lay out every panel and all of that. Then Freddie would sort of take that and reshape the scenes to really draw out the best moments and to highlight the best action, and to add in some amazing bits of his own. This time around, I went with the more plot style, which really lets Freddie on leash, because rather than panel it all out, if you’re going to re-panel it, I’m going to let you do that the first time around.

Freddie W.: And James is a fantastic person to collaborate with like he’s very open to me just throwing out little ideas that he incorporates into his master sort of scheme. It’s been fantastic. It’s really rewarding when you’re working with somebody who’s so generous like that and is both a really talented writer and also just open to suggestion. Then from there, it’s pretty much the same type of thing.

Like as far as specifics and time, it takes me about 20 to 30 hours to do a single page. I’m doing a 20-page issue, and that takes me a good 30 days of like really intense work. But it’s worth it. As it starts out that I’m working is really meticulous. It’s obvious [gray 00:03:03] values, but it’s lots of textures and I really dig that.

Chris Massari: Was it a lot easier to work together since you already had a repertoire before, kind of figured each other out before to kind of bang through the overall script and art?

James Tynion: I mean, yeah, I think we found the rhythm pretty quickly into the first series. But there was no adjustment period coming back in the second time around. Once we had the outline approved, we just sort of got up and running. We’ve continued running since then.

Freddie W.: Yeah, and it’s the same creative team across the board, so obviously James and I have been, also Jeremy Colwell, the colorist who makes a contribution to the book. It’s going to have the same feel and just the overall flow, so it will feel like a continuity. We just wanted it to feel similar in tell by giving you an even cooler, more exciting story that as a followup to it.

Chris Massari: If you guys had to pick one moment in this second saga without giving away too much, is there a favorite part that you can think of off the top of your head, that you can kind of give to the audience as a little preview?

James Tynion: As a pure fan [inaudible 00:04:11] moment, just because these characters are like two characters who I wanted to be in the first one, but they didn’t really make sense in the first one, was bringing in Bebop and Rocksteady, and just really their first appearance and they’re convinced that they’re going to be able to stand up to Bane and then Bane shows up. It’s just like that is probably my favorite scene of what I’ve seen Freddie so far.

Freddie W.: Thanks. Yeah, and that is a really powerful moment. It’s like they’re used to steamrolling because they’re big brooks, and they do have some intelligence. But Bane is a master strategist, I can’t even say the word, but he’s got the master plan and he’s able to incorporate them in a way that it will be really fun when you read it.

Chris Massari: Now, we can look forward to this series in December, correct?

James Tynion: Yeah.

Chris Massari: Is it all finished? Is it ready to go? What is it going to? How many issues will it be?

James Tynion: It’s going to be a six-issue run. The first two issues are going to be in December. We’re done with those two issues and Freddie is working on … We’re about halfway through the series right now, and we’re just barreling ahead.

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Freddie W.: Yeah, I’ll be mostly through issue four by the time anyone sees issue one, so that’s the goal, that’s the hope.

Chris Massari: All right. The closeout, if you guys had to tackle another series that can be another double up or just one character, who and what would it be? You can each have a different answer. Oh boy.

James Tynion: What would you like to work with him on? I guess it’ll be [inaudible 00:05:42].

Freddie W.: Okay, I’ll go first. Honestly, the way that James has such a unique voice for every character, even if they have … I’m going to rewind that, I, when I tend to write stuff, I accidentally give each character my own voice.

It’s hard for I really respect how well James gives each character their own personality. And so, I’d really love to work on a Superman thing with James at some point. I have no idea if that’s in the cards, nobody’s talked about it or anything.

James Tynion: Yeah.

Freddie W.: I would love that to happen. If there was a way for that to happen, that would be amazing. Yeah.

James Tynion: I would love to do that. Honestly, Superman’s one of the only corners of the DC Universe I really haven’t been able to play with that much and I want to. That would be amazing.

Chris Massari: Cool. DC, you listening to me, Superman, you heard it here first. You can find out all our New York Comicon coverage at or all over the web, all the social media handles. Find us. Thank you, gentlemen, for your time, and thank you DC for the interview.

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