James Tucker at New York Comic Con 2017

James Tucker talks with ComicsVerse in this interview at New York Comic Con 2017 at the Jacob Javits Center. For your convenience, the transcript of the interview is posted below.

ComicsVerse: I’m Brandon Bloxdorf here at New York Comic Con 2017. I’m hanging out with James Tucker, and you’re watching ComicsVerse. Tell me, James, what’s it been like for you seeing all this compiled into one collection? So much of your work is in here. How does that feel? How has it looked for you right now?

James Tucker: You know, it’s crazy ’cause we’re still making more. I mean, there are 30 movies on this, and we’re already five movies ahead of it, so in 15 years, there’ll be an even bigger set of movies … like, 50. But it’s great. It’s great to be included. I took it over when Bruce was … Bruce Timm was doing Green Lantern: The Animated Series. And, you know, I thought I was just gonna be taking over for him and doing the stand-alone movies, and after my second movie they said, “No, you’re gonna be doing a connected universe.” Which, A, is not something you just want to be told without any preparation, because it’s a daunting task, and it was.

But I’m glad to be included on this, I’m glad our movies that we’ve done in continuity will be included. I look forward to the set that’ll just have our in-continuity titles because I’m assuming that’ll come down the line. Hint, hint, Warner. But no, it’s great. It’s good to be in the company of all these classic stories that fans have been wanting for years, and to be able to have all these movies in one set is like having almost a comprehensive history of DC characters and comics in one big lump sum. So, I think it’s cool.

ComicsVerse: That’s awesome. We actually … [inaudible 00:01:52] right there. You have so many cool things that are coming out. So many, from Batman trip to teams coming up. What is the most exciting part of seeing the teams straying from Batman?

James Tucker: I mean, I personally … I love Batman. He’s the character that got me into this, but there’s been a lot of Batman, and for me now, the best use of Batman is like I did on Brave and the Bold, is to use him to introduce these more obscure characters to a wider audience so that they can catch on and become their own thing. You know, comic book fans have innate knowledge of everything, but the casual fan knows nothing about, you know, Ambush Bug or-

ComicsVerse: Doom Patrol.

James Tucker: Doom Patrol. Like, really cool characters who, if people knew about them, would want to see a movie with them. Even Teen Titans had to be … you know, they had to be pitched to get a movie. If we hadn’t paired them with Justice League in Justice League vs. Teen Titans, I don’t know if we would’ve gotten to Judas Contract, which is what we always wanted to do, but you have to … you know, I use the in-continuity titles to set up the context for these side characters because everyone knows Justice League, everyone knows Batman, but the other characters kinda need context.

You don’t get Teen Titans if you don’t understand that Robin is in the Teen Titans and he’s Batman’s sidekick. You know? The connectivity of how characters … especially in DC because it’s all about legacy. It’s all about this guy’s brother was this hero before he was and this grandfather was the first Blue Beetle. You know? It’s a lot of work. So, you need context, you need continuing stories, you need a continuity. ‘Cause comic books are continuity, so, I love doing it ’cause it gives me a chance to pick and choose side characters that would never see the light of day any other way.

ComicsVerse: What’s it like going from the page onto the screen for you, and combining different eras of comic books into one continuity, like you’re doing now?

James Tucker: Well, for me it’s not hard because it all has folded into one continuity for me. I don’t make a differentiation between New 52 and Bronze Age, and it’s all mixed in together. It’s like a big salad, so … But, when you do a one-off, you try to honor the style of the story. If you can’t mimic the artist’s style, you at least try to get the tone of the story right. I don’t usually do the one-offs. Bruce has been doing the one-offs, so I don’t have that problem as much. You know, Phil Bourassa’s been the design style of the movies I’ve been producing, so it’s been easier ’cause we just … you know, Phil designs them and everything fits together. So, it’s challenging but not impossible.

ComicsVerse: Nice. Thank you so much. Thank you for your time and everything. Hope you enjoy the rest of your con. You’re watching ComicsVerse. Check us out at ComicsVerse.com!

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