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James Morris Interview at Wizard World Philadelphia 2016

At 2016’s Wizard World Philadelphia, ComicsVerse’s own Kay Honda had the pleasure to sit down with James Morris. While the name may not sound familiar yet, he is a hardworking college student that writes books and plays music in between or during boring classes.

Morris was at Wizard World promoting his THREE KINGDOMS TRILOGY. The books are about a world where there are three separate places to live – the sky, the surface and beneath the waves – the protagonist Sam Cutter attempts to escape the harsh surface in order to live a better life in the sky. However, the renegade 15-year-old has to deal with several obstacles: a harsh penalty for leaving his kingdom, warring families beneath the water and the ‘new power’ that is trying to take over the whole world.

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Throughout the interview, James Morris talked about his biggest inspirations, which started with Orson Scott Welles’ ENDER’S GAME. The famous young adult book is what originally got Morris into reading, with the protagonist’s depth gripping him from an early age. He would also further explain why he loves the fantasy genre, with him claiming, “I love the escapism of it. I love the fantasy, the stories you don’t get from going outside.”

As for his future plans, Morris continues to work on his music: he currently has four rock albums out – CATCH FIRE, SPEED OF DARK, THREE PART PLAN and FALL – which are available for purchase. He also is working on a few new projects: while he could not mention exactly what they were, he was editing a manuscript while at Wizard World.

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We at ComicsVerse are excited to see where the future takes James Morris. With him being so young, the possibilities are endless for this talented writer and musician. For the latest news, reviews and videos check out ComicsVerse.

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