Just like its predecessor, BATMAN #43 is an emotional ride that breaks down the relationships amongst the work’s iconic characters. Writer Tom King brings closure to Poison Ivy’s redemption story as he explores her connections to the most significant people in her life.

It has been a long journey for Poison Ivy, who has been exploring heroism in all the wrong places. Now though, the final standoff has been set. Will Ivy continue her path to salvation, or will she succumb to the vices of her past?

Well, find out our thoughts, right here!

batman #43
BATMAN #43. Page 2. Image courtesy of DC Comics.

Batman v. Planet Ivy

The issue kicks off with Bruce Wayne waking up in a hospital bed. He’s in pretty bad shape since he got punched in the face by Superman. Thankfully though, he’s alive. When he comes to, Bruce comes to find that Harley Quinn is at his bedside. She too is under Ivy’s mind control. So, he uses that opportunity to appeal to Ivy through Harley.

Bruce tells Ivy that he believes her intentions to save the world are genuine. However, he reaffirms the fact that she is definitely not going about those intentions in the right way. Most importantly though, he emphasizes Ivy’s need for help as she is going through this process alone. So, he decides to bring out the big gun. After Catwoman knocks Ivy out, Bruce transports Harley to Ivy’s location. There, Harley and Ivy share an affectionate moment that motivates Ivy to stop her hold on the world.

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Overall, I enjoy the character-centric approach to BATMAN #43’s narrative. I especially enjoy King’s deconstruction of Ivy’s character. With this, I would have liked a little more from that poignant moment between Ivy and Harley. It is integral to the rest of the issue and ultimately the resolution of this storyline. So, I personally believe a little more dialogue within those moments would have been beneficial. Additionally, I hope upcoming issues featuring Ivy and Harley do not ignore this pivotal moment in their relationship.

Now, seeing Batman’s faith in a villain is one of the most hopeful elements King includes in this issue. Most importantly, though, the humanization of a notorious villain is perhaps the most inspiring aspect of BATMAN #43.

batman #43
BATMAN #43. Page 3. Image courtesy of DC Comics.

The Many Hues of BATMAN #43

The collaboration between artists Mikel Janin and Hugo Petrus is phenomenal throughout BATMAN #43. Their attention to detail is absolutely incredible. As seen in the pages featured above, you can see just how intricate Janin’s lines are. With this, the organization of each and every panel is well-balanced. We as readers witness every significant action and reaction that is essential to the work’s narrative.

Personally, one of my favorite artistic elements of the issue is in Poison Ivy’s depiction. She stands out in every panel she’s in because the story being told here is hers. She possesses the agency of this narrative as well as her portrayal. Thus, I appreciate the way this issue’s artists exemplify her significance in this arc.

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Now, the standout aspect of BATMAN #43’s imagery is without a doubt June Chung’s coloring. I love her integration of green throughout the work, further emphasizing the centralization of Ivy’s character. Additionally, the juxtaposition of Ivy’s hair with every setting she’s in depicts a gorgeous contrast. As a result, BATMAN #43 is a consistently vibrant work that never falters in its allure or in its entertainment value.

What Lies Beyond

The saga of Poison Ivy’s redemption arc has come to an end. Now, the BATMAN series is transitioning into the tale of Batman and Catwoman’s highly anticipated wedding. Now though, the final dialogue between Bruce and Selina left me feeling a little ominous about the impending wedding. Will they truly be “fine”? Are they capable of pulling off a wedding without any hiccups?

Who knows? Maybe I’m just being paranoid…

Of course, we won’t totally be sure of anything until BATMAN #44 hits the stand on April 4th.

BATMAN #40 by Tom King, Mikel Janin, Hugo Petrus, June Chung, & Clayton Cowles
BATMAN #43 brings poignant, satisfying closure to a complex storyline featuring one of Batman's most notorious foes.
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One Comment

  1. Jordan Valdés ? (@batfanjordanv)

    March 21, 2018 at 1:27 pm

    This issue proved to be another example that Bruce CAN still be Batman while being madly in love and finally finding happiness with Catwoman! It’s his love for Catwoman that allows him to figure out how to approach Ivy. He knows that he NEEDS Catwoman, and he realizes that Ivy NEEDS Harley. Ivy and Harley are broken people just like Batman and Catwoman are…broken people who share one another’s pain. To quote Catwoman’s love letter to Batman from Batman #10, “When we kiss, the pain goes away. You feel that too, right? How just for a second, just that second…the pain is gone.”

    A key aspect of Batman is that he hopes for redemption for his rogues. I love that he is able to achieve that with Ivy in this issue!

    Janín’s art continues to be gorgeous! The way he draws faces always stands out to me, as in on display especially with Ivy here!

    I’m not worried at all about the end of this issue. I loved it SO much! King continues to write the BatCat relationship so beautifully! I said at the outset of this arc that I loved how it was literally Batman and Catwoman against the whole world and that I trusted that my O.T.P. could get through anything together! That they did, and that’s exactly what Batman and Catwoman realize at the end of this issue! King has shown over the course of his run that he seems to be a huge BatCat shipper just like I am. He’s said that the focus of his entire run is the BatCat relationship. Therefore, I trust that the wedding will go smoothly and that Batman and Catwoman will remain together :)! The Joker is going to TRY to put a wrench in things in issues #48 and #49, but he’s not going to be successful. Can’t wait for the wedding planning issue in two weeks!


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