DAMAGE #3 by Robert Venditti, Tony S Daniel, Danny Miki, and Tomeu Morey has Damage on the ropes as he’s battling Wonder Woman with his power running out. We also find out more about Damage’s past actions, and the government program that lost him get’s ready to bring him back. The art team also continues to shine with beautiful images abound.

DAMAGE #3 Page 3 Image Courtesy of DC Comics.

Wonderful Battle in DAMAGE#3

The first part of the issue is pretty straightforward with Damage’s hour of power almost up while fighting Wonder Woman. They toss each other through buildings and across the city. It’s very much a mega-powered fight. Wonder Woman is on point with her warrior attitude, never backing down with just a hint of cockiness. Robert Venditti writes her wonderfully, (no pun intended) and I would like to read more of his version her.

Truth in DAMAGE #3

In this issue, Wonder Woman catches Damage with her lasso of truth. We learn that Damage has been doing this for some time and has possibly killed thousands of people during his time with the government.  It’s at this time that I have to bring up one of the problems I have with this book and the series as a whole. We don’t have enough of an emotional bond with Damage or his alter-ego Ethan for this to be seen as a very negative turn in the storyline.

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Up until this point Ethan, the human form of Damage, has been fairly one note. He’s either very naive or just telling Damage not to hurt people. I would like to see him get fleshed out a little bit. We know he’s a solider, so I would have to think he wouldn’t be so naive to think that there wouldn’t be some bloodshed when coming into this program. Damage on the other hand only talks to Ethan when Ethan has become human again.

During this time, he’s almost taunting Ethan for what they’ve done. Whether it’s intentional or not there is a Hulk-Bruce Banner vibe to this arrangement. The problem is that neither Ethen nor Damage are very sympathetic, so when you find out they’ve killed thousands of people, you can’t help but wonder if someone should take Damage down. I’m not sure if that’s what the creative team is trying to do at this point, but Damage is becoming the villain in his own book.

DAMAGE #3 Page 4 Image Courtesy of DC Comics.

One more point about how little we know about Damage is his power level. Wonder Woman states he is the strongest creature she has seen. Does that mean he’s more powerful than Doomsday, Darkseid, and the Anti-Monitor? It’s up to debate.


Despite my reservations about the main character, I do think the comic is enjoyable.  After the Wonder Woman fight, we follow up with Colonel Jonas, the person in charge of the Damage program, sending a team to find Ethan and bring him back. We also follow up with Amanda Waller as she prepares to hunt the creature down herself. I was glad to see this plotline with Waller continue instead of getting brushed aside by Wonder Woman’s arrival. In addition, the Justice League has caught wind of Damage and is getting ready to come after him.  Overall, the vibe of the book almost has a “The Fugitive” vibe, and it’s really fun.

DAMAGE #3 Page 5 Image Courtesy of DC Comics.

Beauty in Destruction

The artwork continues to astonish for DAMAGE #3.  Through all the “New Line of DC Heroes,” all the artwork is just great from one issue to the next. Tony S. Daniels is no except. He draws amazing action scenes with Damage and Wonder Woman, giving the comic a very epic feel during his fight.  He also draws human characters like the new team at the end of the issue, with a lot of skill and expertise.

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Damage #3 Still Runs Strong!

Despite my concerns with the lead character, this is a great comic. It continues its stride without missing a beat while also filling in gaps of backstory. There are also several more compelling threats set up in this issue, and amazing  artwork by Tony S Daniels. In short, this issue is more than worth the price of admission.

DAMAGE #3 by Robert Venditti, Tony S. Daniel, Danny Miki, and Tomeu Morey.
DAMAGE #3 by Robert Venditti, Tony S Daniel, Danny Miki, and Tomeu Morey continues the fast pace with great action and beautiful art.
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Fast Paced Action

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