IRONHEART #1 by Eve L. Ewing, Kevin Libranda, Luciano Vecchio, Geoffo, Matt Milla, Clayton Cowles, Amy Reeder, Jen Bartel, Stephanie Hans, Jamal Campbell, Humberto Ramos, Edgar Delgado, Skottie Young, Alanna Smit, Tom Brevoort, C.B. Cebulski, Joe Quesada, Dan Buckley, Alan Fine, and Brian Michael Bendis
Overall, IRONHEART #1 is a decent start story wise. Our character is fun, interesting, and pushing boundaries. The art is consistent with some strong elements, however, more could be done to make the pieces stand out and get the reader admiring the images.
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Great Plot!

IRONHEART #1 reintroduces Riri Williams, originally created by Brian Michael Bendis and Mike Deodato. With this reintroduction, comes a new writer, Eve E. Ewing. The adaptation of Riri’s character by Ewing helps push for more superhero diversity and proves to be a tough feminist character that (sort of) defies gender norms. She’s the young, smart (and short) character young female Marvel fans need to appreciate. The art by Kevin Libranda and Luciano Vecchio has some points that stand out. However, there isn’t anything interesting enough to have the reader sit and enjoy a strip or even a square.

Who Is Riri Williams/Ironheart and What Does IRONHEART #1 Open With?

Riri Williams is a young girl from Chicago who’s an introverted genius that’s reengineering Iron Man’s suit. Early in Riri’s life, her step-father and best friend were shot and killed. Now, Riri’s currently at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology researching and developing new technology.

We quickly meet a seemingly minor villain named Clash. His alias is Clayton Cole, a scientist at Parker Industries. He’s trying to prove he belongs with the “Ten Rings” (oh shit, the main villain). Riri defeats him in battle and Clash gives her a red token with various ringed emblems. Later, we meet Xavier, who’s a childhood friend of Riri’s. They talk on video chat, and he seems to like her (this is totally based on their interaction, but hey, a girl can dream). After the video call, a hologram of her deceased best friend Natalie appears, thus ending the first comic in IRONHEART.

ironheart #1
IRONHEART #1 page 4. Image courtesy of Marvel Comics.

What Are Some Strengths and Weaknesses in the Plot of IRONHEART #1?

IRONHEART #1 is a pretty great comic to read. You have a revamped female hero, who’s part of a minority group, and stands with the big leagues. Riri is a great character that pushes for more diversity in Marvel’s most popular hero group (Iron Man, Spiderman, Deadpool, etc.). Plus her tomboyish personality and interest in tech make her all the more unique.

Now, what kind of ruined Riri’s character was the fact that her personality is tomboyish, but her suit sticks to the stereotypical gender identify color, pink. Now, of course that is a “small” thing. However, it speaks loudly where “her place is,” if you catch my drift.

What really didn’t make sense is when Riri says her “only friend” was killed, and yet in present day, she has Xavier. Where did he come from? Xavier and Riri know each other from childhood, but when did they meet? How can Riri claim that she lost her only friend? Kind of weird.

ironheart #1
IRONHEART #1 page 1. Image courtesy of Marvel Comics.

One thing that isn’t a strength or weakness, but needs to be addressed is Riri’s interactions with various world leaders. They were insensitive to Riri’s tragic past. The world leaders that spoke to her brought up her father’s death so nonchalantly that even I felt disrespected. So rude. Riri kept it professional but was not having their shit either. Oof, she held her composure like a champ. Mad respect.

There’s Strong Art, However Nothing Stands Out

Kevin Libranda and Luciano Vecchio have decorative, and bold colors along with an interesting, well thought shadowy theme for IRONHEART #1. It feels like either the picture is coming off the page or you’re right in the action. However, there weren’t really any squares or strips that were awe inspiring. It would have been nice to have pieces to just sit and admire for a moment.

What Would Be Great to See in IRONHEART #2 and Beyond

IRONHEART #1 was a decent start, but the series can get better over time. Hopefully, in IRONHEART #2, we see more on Natalie’s hologram and what the heck is up with that. Would that hologram be recorded, or would it mean she never died? What about Xavier? Maybe we’ll get more information on him. Of course, who could forget the “Ten Rings?” Will Riri investigate further, or will the “Ten Rings” find her first? All this and more to come in the IRONHEART series.

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