Get a peak at Riri Williams in her debut solo series in this IRONHEART #1 preview. Here, we see a somber side to our beloved hero, Ironheart, as Riri battles with survivors guilt over her lost loved ones. Despite this, she needs to give a tour of her lab to some rather important world leaders. Check out more in the preview below!



Written by: Eve Ewing

Art by: Kevin Libranda

Cover by: Amy Reeder

Don’t miss a thing in the first solo run of IRONHEART. Get the first issue here!


THE FORMER STAR OF INVINCIBLE IRON MAN HEADLINES HER OWN SOLO SERIES! When a group of world leaders is taken hostage by one of Spider-Man’s old foes, Riri Williams will have to step up her game. And she’ll be stunned when someone from back in Sweet Home Chicago enters her life… CHAMPIONS artist Kevin Libranda joins award-winning poet Eve Ewing, as Ironheart steps boldly out of Tony Stark’s shadow to forge her own future!

IRONHEART #1 Preview Image Gallery

ironheart #1 ironheart #1 ironheart #1 ironheart #1

ironheart #1
All images courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

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  1. […] IRONHEART #1 reintroduces Riri Williams, originally created by Brian Michael Bendis and Mike Deodato. With this reintroduction, comes a new writer, Eve E. Ewing. The adaptation of Riri’s character by Ewing helps push for more superhero diversity and proves to be a tough feminist character that (sort of) defies gender norms. She’s the young, smart (and short) character young female Marvel fans need to appreciate. The art by Kevin Libranda and Luciano Vecchio has some points that stand out. However, there isn’t anything interesting enough to have the reader sit and enjoy a strip or even a square. […]


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