I’m tired, y’all. The height of that trailer has come and gone and now, in this home stretch of three weeks, fatigue has set in. We’re all grasping at straws to try and keep the energy up. Apparently, a detailed synopsis of the season eight premiere leaked on Reddit and now even the most iron-willed have to decide how far their anti-spoilerism can carry them. We won’t be talking about that in this edition of GAME OF THRONES news (some things are sacred) but we do have some fun stuff to tide us over.

A Steady Trickle for Season Eight News

It’s a bit of a step backwards from the trailers and whatnot that we’ve been getting recently, but we did get an official season eight poster this week. As you pan down the poster, you see the swords that comprise the back of the Iron Throne. You pass the big “GOT” — you know your show is major when you don’t even have to use its whole name — and the swords meld into the face of a dragon with glowing red eyes. The symbolism isn’t terribly subtle, but it’s an undeniably badass image. The only potential secrets lie in the two swords at the center of the dragon’s face that actually have hilts. They don’t seem to be swords we’ve seen before — no Longclaw, no Oathkeeper, no Heartsbane. Could one of them be the fabled Lightbringer?

game of thrones
Now that’s how you sell DVD box sets. Courtesy of HBO.

Those rumored episode lengths that we reported on many moons ago were, in fact, pretty darn accurate. HBO put out its official numbers and they are just a few minutes away from the leaks. The “hour-long” first two episodes are actually 54 and 58 minutes, respectively. And the last four “80 minute-long” episodes are actually 82, 78, 80, and 80. So perhaps there is something to be said for this leaked intel after all…

For the Throne

The whole “bleed for the throne” thing is a major part of the GAME OF THRONES marketing campaign. First, we had the American Red Cross’s blood drive. And now we have a tattoo pop-up shop for the not-so-faint of heart. Tattoo artist Lauren Winzer, who did Sophie Turner’s infamous “The Pack Survives” tattoo among others, will host the pop-up at London’s The Circle on April 16 and 17. She’ll ink 100 lucky fans for free with one of 16 GAME OF THRONES-themed designs.

game of thrones
Which one would you choose? I’m a 16, myself. Courtesy of NowTV

Speaking of weird marketing things, we spoke a few weeks ago about the “For the Throne” scavenger hunt. Well, it has officially kicked off and two thrones have already been found as of this writing. HBO placed six replica Iron Thrones around the world and posted 360-degree videos of their locations for fans to try to hunt down. The first two were in the UK (“The Throne of the Forest”) and Sweden (“The Throne of the North”). It seems that each throne represents a region of the GAME OF THRONES universe and may even be located where those places were filmed. The Throne of Joy, for example, looks like it’s in Spain, where the Tower of Joy scenes took place. But only time and some talented questers will tell!


Normally, I wouldn’t talk about actor interviews that aren’t directly GAME OF THRONES related, just for the sake of brevity. But Emilia Clarke wrote an essay for The New Yorker this week that has me breaking my own rules. In the essay, Clarke details the two life-threatening brain aneurysms she experienced in the early days of GAME OF THRONES. It’s a moving piece about the fragility of life and, as a reader and GAME OF THRONES fan, calls into question the levels of commitment and servitude we expect from our film and TV stars. Clarke also uses the essay to introduce her charity SameYou, which will provide treatment for people suffering from brain injuries.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Who Lives, Who Dies

A few other interviews gave us some insight to who might survive this final season. Kit Harington gave an extensive interview to Varietymostly about his stage work and post-THRONES career. But Harington did drop one (accidental?) hint about season eight. He says, “I was there the whole time this year. I felt a bit like people were coming in and out, and Jon Snow was just f—ing there the whole time.” Does this mean that Jon survives the whole season? Is he the last one standing? Or is non-chronological filming fooling us all once again?

Likewise, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau talked to Star 2 about his last days on GAME OF THRONES. “Obviously I can’t tell you what the scene was,” he says. “It wasn’t the final scene (of the series), but it was close to the end, and it was shot at a beautiful location.” So it seems we can assume that Jaime makes it through most of the season, at the very least surviving the Battle of Winterfell. As for the “beautiful location” part of things, well that pretty much applies to the entire GAME OF THRONES filming world.

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