Invaders #2

Get ready for some exciting reveals based on this INVADERS #2 preview. The Winter Soldier and Captain America were just fighting nazis, as they do, when Cap finds himself overboard. We can only wait and see what waits for him beneath the surface, however. Check out the preview below!


Invaders #2


Written by: Chip Zdarsky

Art by: Carlos Magno

Cover by: Butch Guice

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After the SHOCKING reveals about NAMOR last issue, THE HUMAN TORCH goes deeper into the Sub-Mariner’s PAST, hoping to uncover his plan. But CAPTAIN AMERICA goes the direct route: TO ATLANTIS. Alone against THE MAD KING and his ARMIES in the exciting second chapter of WAR GHOSTS: THE AMERICAN AMBASSADOR!

INVADERS #2 Preview Image Gallery

Invaders #2 Invaders #2 Invaders #2 Invaders #2 Invaders #2

Invaders #2
All images courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

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