Kamala Khan, the breakout star of Marvel Now!, is coming to her own $1-one-shot TRUE BELIEVERS special!



Growing up with a love of all things superhero, Kamala Khan – a young American Pakistani Muslim – is caught in the Terrigen Mists, and tremendous powers are unlocked.  Naming herself after her childhood hero, Ms. Marvel bases herself in Jersey City; and her adventures are tremendous fun.  With her trademark sense of humour, she’s almost like this generation’s version of Peter Parker, and her initial adventures see her bumbling around the edges of the superhero world!  The character is both refreshingly modern and a love-letter to comic book history – even the cover of #1 is a homage:

Ms. Marvel 1 homage




Marvel had been trying to land series featuring this kind of character for decades, with mixed success; for every GENERATION X, there was another YOUNG X-MEN, a series that just never quite seemed to work.  Worse still, when Marvel had a good thing, they never seemed to know how to progress it; so even classic series like RUNAWAYS or NEW X-MEN screeched to a halt, usually in the face of an event of some kind.  But then, when G. Willow Wilson put this character together, something just seemed to click.

Everything about Kamala Khan is distinctive.  In an age where comics had become the province of older readers, she caught the attention of teenagers; she stands for youth culture, for ethnic diversity, and for hope.  Dramatically, this was the first book where we heard that digital sales outperformed physical sales.  This series heralded a new age, one that gave a chance to books like STARFIRE, UNBEATABLE SQUIRREL GIRL, SPIDER-GWEN, and ROCKET GIRL.  This was a book that reshaped the comic book industry.

Let me be clear: this is a DO NOT MISS.


All New All Different Marvel

Marvel know that they’re on to a winner with Kamala Khan.  So she’s going to move to the centre of the Marvel Universe, a member of their ALL-NEW ALL-DIFFERENT AVENGERS, along with other key legacy characters.  Meanwhile, Marvel know better than to mess with success, and G. Willow Wilson is returning to headline a second MS. MARVEL series.  Given how massive an impact Kamala Khan has had on the superhero scene, her importance to the Marvel Universe is only going to grow.

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