As we get super psyched for San Diego Comic Con coming up, we are looking back at some of our interviews and experiences at WonderCon Anaheim 2017, its sister con. Here is our Zoë Moss interview!

We ran into Zoë Moss, who politely allowed us to interview her! Moss creates storyboards for Mighty Magiswords on Cartoon Network, and weekly webcomic with her fiancé, called Pizza Day Comics. This is her fourth time exhibiting at WonderCon and her fifth time attending!

ComicsVerse: What do you like about what you do?

Zoë Moss: Well, I really like to entertain, and whether that is through animation, which I also do, or through my art, as long as I can get a positive reaction out of people or make them smile, I’m happy. And with a comic, it’s a really good way to make people laugh. But, also, it is a good opportunity for my fiancé and me to collaborate on short forms, ‘cause we collaborate on longer form things like shorts and animations.


CV: Where do you see yourself taking your direction in the future?

ZM: Well, I’d like to do a lot more handmade toys—like right now I[‘ve made] the ghosts that glow in the dark, and I’d just like to expand that, practice more of my sculpting and better that, and eventually release a fully-produced art book, like a hardcover, nice production model.

But I am really proud of where I’ve gone since the start— like I’ve been tabling for about, I guess four or five years now? And I’ve learned a lot, and I love it! Every time I table, I learn something new, and I want to keep applying that, so I’d like just to keep getting better and better.

CV: And how would you describe your art and stories to readers?

ZM: Humorous, wacky, weird, strange, fun…kids seem to like it. Creepy but fun.

Zoë Moss

CV: Tell us about your work on Cartoon Network!

ZM: So I’m doing storyboards, and it’s my first time doing union storyboards, and basically, my career has been like this: I started out in animation and thought, ‘Oh my god! I want to do animation!’ but I got too much anxiety from that.

I [try animation], but it’s not what I want to do for a living, so I thought, ‘well maybe character design’s for me,’ and I did it. It was fun, and I thought, ‘well maybe I should try storyboarding,’ and it was like a missing puzzle piece came into my life, and I was like, ‘THIS IS IT! This is what I want to do for the rest of my life.’

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CV: Tell us about Mighty Magiswords!

ZM: So, the show I am on is called Mighty Magiswords. It is a show that encourages being creative and funny — there is action and everything. It is a really good show to be on. I am very happy to be on it, and my partner and I are pitching shows to Cartoon Network right now. So, hopefully, I guess the next step would be to do our own show, which would be really cool. That is the ultimate goal.

Zoë Moss

CV: That’s awesome! Have you guys like sat around and cooked ideas and stuff for what you want to do?

ZM: We have a ton of ideas, and we’ve pitched around before. We’ve started pitching again. I really like Cartoon Network— I feel comfortable there. So I would like to pitch and hopefully get a show made there. It is just— it’s kind of like a family, and I really like it there.

But, my partner and I, we have just always made ideas together. So it is nice to know that if you come up with ideas, especially with your friends, you can actually one day take it to the next level.

Zoë Moss

CV: Thank you so much for your time! Is there anything else you’d like to add before you go?

ZM: YAAAAAAAAAAAY! Thank you so much!

Keep up with Zoë Moss on her website Brainfarto, as well as on Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter.

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