This October at New York Comic Con, ComicsVerse got the chance to meet up with Brenden Fletcher, Cameron Stewart, and Babs Tarr in Artist Alley to talk about their new sci-fi action series, MOTOR CRUSH.

Best known for their two year run on BATGIRL, this creative team powerhouse makes their return to tell the story of Domino Swift, an up-and-coming motorcycle racer by day who deals with the darker side of the sport by night. MOTOR CRUSH finds its inspiration partly from an issue of Fletcher, Stewart, and Tarr’s previous work on BATGIRL, which featured a motorbike-riding duo called the Jawbreakers. But Domino’s world is a grittier departure from that of the Batgirl of Burnside, where racers are high profile celebrities — and on occasion, get their kicks from capturing a machine narcotic aptly named Crush. Alternatingly painted in deep, muted hues and high-octane neons, MOTOR CRUSH is a brutal and energetic new series that cracks skulls and shows no mercy.

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After concluding their tenure on BATGIRL, Fletcher, Stewart, and Tarr went right to work on what they call their dream project. In our interview, this trio lets us in on its differences from their work on BATGIRL, the freedoms in storytelling they’re given from creator-owned comics, and three words to sell us on what MOTOR CRUSH has to offer. Also included: Babs’ baseball-bat wielding MOTOR CRUSH cosplay.

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Having made its debut in December, MOTOR CRUSH is just two issues in, with its third installment hitting shelves February 8th. You can keep up with the team behind MOTOR CRUSH on Twitter at @brendenfletcher, @cameronMstewart, and @babsdraws.

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