At New York Comic Con 2015, I got the chance to speak with a friend of mine, Damien Torres, a Kubert School graduate, and Sarah Miller, about their comic VALKYRIE’S WODE. The creative-owned comic book was created and developed by Miller, an acclaimed tattoo artist who competed on Ink Master. The comic’s set in ancient Scandinavia, and its mythic influences stem from Miller’s love for history as well as a fascination for Nordic mythology. Those passions influenced her to begin the story of Rona Audun and her journey to save a lost love at all costs.

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To create VALKYRIE’S WODE, Sarah assembled a creative team consisting of Anthony Moreci writing the scripts, Damien Torres on pencils, and Tony Kordos on ink. Their collaborative effort led to the release of VALKYRIE’S WODE #0 in 2014. When asked what Miller would be working on in the upcoming year, she spoke about attempting to get the title published on a bi-monthly schedule.

Knowing Damien personally, I asked him about his background in art as well as how he got the opportunity to meet and collaborate with Sarah. From there, we discussed his upcoming projects, his final run of Marvel Upper Deck cards, and some secret meetings!

After speaking with Sarah and Damien, they gave me a copy of VALKYRIE’S WODE #0 to take home with me. I’ve read it since NYCC, and I have to say, it is very well-written and the art is gorgeous. I’m looking forward to picking up future issues to see how Rona becomes a Valkyrie and to learn the fate of her love, Toben. In the meantime, check out the website,, to pick up the first issue for yourself!


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