Some books have covers that when you look at them you “Oh, cool! Superman looks good. I’ll check out this issue.” Others have covers that say to you “Oh, look at that! I didn’t think that would ever happen. I have to read the inside to find out more.” Monica Gallagher’s cover for BOOBAGE is the kind that makes women think that they immediately have to read it, and men think that this book will be a fun thing about boobs. However, Monica Gallagher’s BOOBAGE as well as her web series BONNIE N. COLLIDE and GODS AND UNDERGRADS show a sophistication of art and that is not easily accomplished nor should be overlooked.

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With a lovely sense of whimsy and a great sense of humor, I have never cracked more jokes with a creator before the camera started recording, Gallagher brings a fun new perspective to the world of comics. Her work on BONNIE N. COLLIDE, especially, harkens back to the Sunday Funnies and comic strips of yesteryear. She told me that as I alluded to before, she always finds it interesting that when men look at the cover for her book BOOBAGE they initially come to it because it features boobs on it, and not for some desire to deeply interrogate what it is like to have boobs.

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Gallagher said, however, that she finds this very funny. Especially when she watches them with their girlfriends try to argue that he didn’t like the cover for the wrong reasons. But anyway, I have to say that Gallagher was definitely one of the nicest and funniest people I talked to this year, and that her web comics and her work BOOBAGE are definitely worth checking out for anyone that enjoys smiling. So go forth and smile, children.

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