At New York Comic Con 2015, I had the pleasure of speaking with Ernesto Sin, a recent Kubert School graduate, and one of the five artists starring in the YouTube show, BreakIN’, which chronicles their journey to finding mainstream success in the comic book industry.

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We began our interview with a talk about his current project, BUNKER, for the paintball company, Social Paintball. The head of the company contacted him while he was still a student at the Kubert School, where his professors allowed him to work on the project as homework. Recently, Sin was contacted by a friend studying film for an opportunity in the film industry as a concept artist. From this connection, Sin has been able to branch out in storyboarding and poster work.

When asked the difference between working on comic books versus concept art, Sin said that while the two forms of art go hand-in-hand, the processes are very different. In comic books, the art is focused on the pencil work, whereas in concept art for film, the work is done digitally. This led to my next question of whether or not working in concept art or his education at the Kubert School has changed his style in any way, when Sin gave the most genuine perspective on art I’ve ever heard. His view on an artist’s style remaining the same, yet growing and developing as the artist matures him/herself, just hit me right in the feels. After getting the chance to look at Sin’s art, I have to say I’m seriously looking forward to seeing what he’s going to be bringing to the comic book and film industry in the future. You can check out his art at and follow his journey on BreakIN’ on YouTube.


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