As we get super psyched for San Diego Comic-Con, we are looking back at some of our interviews and experiences at WonderCon Anaheim 2017, its sister con. Here is our interview with C.B. Lee!

We ran into C.B. Lee, who was totes cool with being interviewed! Lee is the author of the book,NOT YOUR SIDEKICK,” and “SEVEN YEARS AT HIGH TIDE.” Lee will soon release “NOT YOUR VILLAIN,” the sequel to “NOT YOUR SIDEKICK.”


ComicsVerse: What kinds of stories do you like to write? NOT YOUR SIDEKICK looks amazing!

C.B. Lee: Sure! I write young adult science fiction and fantasy. My book “NOT YOUR SIDEKICK” came out last year in 2015 and it’s about a bisexual girl who’s into superheroes. At the start of the story, she’s resigned to the fact that she’s not going to get superpowers, and so to stand out, she gets a job.

Then, that job turns out to be working for a supervillain, [where] she also gets to work with her crush. So that’s a lot of fun. She and Abbie uncover some mysterious things about the world that they live in, and some unsettling truths about heroes and villains and the whole system. So it’s action, adventure, romance, and it’s cheesy and fun.

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CV: What got you into telling stories?

CBL: I really loved reading as a kid, and I still love reading. Growing up, I always found that I never could see myself in stories, and I really wanted to write characters that I hope people can relate to—that kids of color can relate to. I hope that stories like these would inspire people, and they’re fun stories where the focus is on the adventure, the romance—it’s a genre story about saving the world.

But yeah—I wanted to write so I could help other people see themselves in stories and just have a good time.


CV: What advice would you give to artists and writers who have experienced similar experiences?

CBL: Just to go for it—to write when you have time and to write when you don’t have time, to make time. It’s really hard if you are at school and if you’re working full-time. What I like to do is try to carve 10 to 15 minutes at a time to write, and if you put it into small things it’s much more manageable.

So you write—’Oh, I’m going to write for 15 minutes!’ You write for 15 minutes, and you stop and do something else. You take a break. Then you can do another 15 minutes, and another 15 minutes. This kind of all adds up, and that can become a novel. Keep going, and don’t be discouraged, and write the story that you want to see, and write the story that you want to read. Go for it!

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CV: Do you have any projects that you have planned for the future?

CBL: Yeah! So “NOT YOUR SIDEKICK” is actually a series. I am currently working on the next book in the series, which is NOT YOUR VILLAIN, and that is out in October of 2017.


CV: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

CBL: A lot of people inspire me. I am also very inspired by readers, and there are so many authors that I admire. I just want to give a shout out to readers in general.

Every single person who’s writing a story in a little notebook, or writing fan fiction, or just trying their best to be like, “Hey! I wanna do something! I wanna get this out there…”—these people inspire me because everyone is producing and making things and being wildly creative. I’m really all about that.

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Thank you so much, C.B. Lee! Follow her work on her site, or at her Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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