Intellectual Property

Hey there, viewers! Want more comic news, but wondering where to go for the critique of silver and big screen adaptions? We hear you, and like many heroes hearing the cries of the public, we have an answer. Coming soon to comic movie enthusiasts, Intellectual Property with Andrew Rivera!

In addition to the Weekly Comics News Show, we’re introducing this new series that will be featured each Thursday starting this week. Watch as we cover TV shows and movies relating to the things we all know and love, comics! Andrew will be discussing comic related film news, updates, and the political and media issues surrounding them. And all with the seriousness and humor you expect from ComicsVerse. Or…maybe Deadpool with the humor. It won’t be all about Marvel though! We don’t have a bias, we swear. What we do have is a sneak peek of some of the humor Andrew has in store for you. Check back Thursday for the first full episode about WONDER WOMAN and female representation!

What is Intellectual Property?

The goal of the show is to treat comics and the related media like the serious works they are by looking at them through different socio-political lenses. We might talk about topics as diverse as LGBTQA+ rights or Hip Hop. Like all media, comic book movies and tv have a responsibility to diversity and representation, and we at ComicsVerse decided someone had to be paying attention. These issues are too important to ignore. We needed someone who could see the trends, who could call out the industry for where it went wrong. A silent protector, a Dark Knight. We’re not just here to criticize or make light of the hard work of the comic book industry. Unless you’re JONAH HEX, then you deserve what’s coming to you. Again, these are issues that we think are important, issues that merit serious intellectual discussion. Thus was born Intellectual Property with Andrew Rivera.


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