Finally, INJECTION is back from its long hiatus, and it’s time to see what’s up next for our eccentric and peculiar Cross Culture-Contamination Unit! Warren Ellis’ sci-fi mystery returns with this issue after the end of an arc that left more possibilities than answers. While this issue doesn’t directly address any questions or immediately entertain previous events, it does give us insight into a member of the group we haven’t spent much time with yet. INJECTION #11 brings us back with a strong reintroduction to a character, and the issue itself, while somewhat quiet, is a strong sign of things to come for the series.

This issue we find ourselves joining Brigid Roth, the tech expert of the group, as she is sent on a mission by Maria to investigate a site filled with strange phenomena and mystery. The story in this issue is straightforward for the most part, delivering well in the characterization department, along with a good plot setup. And that’s the focus here: to get the reader engaged and ready for what’s to come.


The first thing to stand out from this issue, from the very cover itself, is Brigid. Past issues have given backstory and time to the other members of the Injection group, but we never had enough time to see what makes her tick. This issue is the remedy to that, offering not only more of her humor, but a look into how she gets things started on the job, along with her deduction skills. Even more engrossing, however, is seeing her act in her area of expertise with technology, helping show the bond she has with it and why she is more than worthy for the role she plays with CCCU.

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Warren Ellis does an amazing job of giving us a closer look at the mind of our heroine. He shows us just how her mind and technology work hand in hand, helps us experience how she interacts with others outside of her group, and even shows us possible clues to her past and motivations. When not focusing on Brigid, Ellis is slowly, but efficiently, fueling fire to the story that will surely have revelations and repercussions for everyone involved. While it isn’t anything to make one jump out of their seats, it’s enough to keep you engaged to see the payoff.


Artist Declan Shalvey also returns, providing amazing visuals for both the setting and technology surrounding Brigid. The backdrops he presents on the page seem serene and quiet, something much appreciated when the main point of the page is dialogue. But what’s amazing here is how he can shift the mood and perspective from a serene setting to one that’s colorful and attention-grabbing when dealing with Brigid and her actions. Colorist Jordie Bellaire does exceptional work in conjunction with Shalvey here with these scenes, and her work and prowess can even be seen with their combined work on the cover of the issue.

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While the issue doesn’t drive too much action, INJECTION #11 is a great return that offers amazing insight and thought into Brigid Roth, while also helping foreshadow and set up the new story. It’s been almost a year since INJECTION went on hiatus, but it comes back strong, grabbing the reader with the humor, mystery, and nuance that made it a hit in the first place. If this is a sign of things to come, then fans are in for an excellent ride. Ellis and Shalvey aren’t showing any sign of stopping the momentum.

INJECTION #11 by Warren Ellis, Declan Shalvey, Jordie Bellaire and Fonografiks
INJECTION #11 is a welcome return for the acclaimed franchise. From solid wit to amazing plot setup, this issue is a promising sign of things to come.
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