infinity wars arachknight #2

Man, it doesn’t matter what hero identity Peter Parker has, his best friend’s dad is ALWAYS trying to kill him! This INFINITY WARS: ARACHKNIGHT #2 preview has Pete fully realizing that his best friend isn’t as trustworthy as he thought. Plus, all of his personalities come out to play. Check out the preview below for more!

[one_half]infinity wars arachknight #2


Published: November 28, 2018

Written by: Dennis Hopeless

Art by: Alé Garza, Victor Olazaba, Ruth Redmond

Cover by: Giuseppe Camuncoli

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Arachknight faces the deadly machinations of the terrible Goblin-by-Night! Can he save his best friend turned monster or will he lose to the Goblin once and for all?



infinity wars arachknight #2 infinity wars arachknight #2 infinity wars arachknight #2

infinity wars arachknight #2
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