The world is hyped for everything INFINITY this year. Marvel has already announced its major cosmic event INFINITY COUNTDOWN from writer Gerry Duggan. Now in Marvel is announcing its first INFINITY COUNTDOWN TIE-IN titles. These will function as new one-shots and limited series from talented creative teams. These INFINITY COUNTDOWN TIE-INS will include DAREDEVIL #1, CAPTAIN MARVEL #1, and a limited DARKHAWK series.

infinity countdown
Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

The first INFINITY COUNTDOWN TIE-IN is the one-shot DAREDEVIL #1. This story by Gerry Duggan with art from BLACK PANTHER’s Chris Sprouse will follow Matt Murdock as he encounters the Mind Stone in the New York underworld. This is an incredibly unlikely holder for the Mind Stone as Daredevil is one of the more street-level heroes in the universe. Unlike Thanos, Nebula, Adam Warlock, and other previous holders of the stone, Daredevil isn’t interested in adjusting the universe. Daredevil just wants to save his city. Can he use the Mind Stone for this cause? Or could the Mind Stone end up in the wrong hands and create more destruction in New York?

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The second one-shot is CAPTAIN MARVEL #1 from Jim McCann (NEW AVENGERS: THE REUNION) and Diego Olortegui (MS. MARVEL). This story will be much more psychedelic and trippy as Carol Danvers travels across the lines of reality and time. Carol now has control of the Reality Stone and she returns to Earth and contacts the “Marvels of many worlds along the way.” Carol may attempt to create a taskforce to fight Thanos and Nebula for the oncoming INFINITY COUNTDOWN storyline. It is cool that Marvel is continuing to promote Captain Marvel with her standalone film about to come out in 2019!

infinity countdown tie-ins
Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

The last INFINITY COUNTDOWN TIE-IN is DARKHAWK. DARKHAWK will serve as a limited 4 part series from Chris Sims, Chad Bowers, and Gang Hyuk Lim. It follows directly after the events of DARKHAWK #51. Darkhawk returns to Earth and New York with the Power Stone in his possession. It is unclear how this will play into the events of INFINITY COUNTDOWN but clearly someone is going to come around challenging “The Hawk” for the Power Stone shortly.

infinity countdown tie-ins
Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

Make sure to check out these INFINITY COUNTDOWN TIE-INS when they come out in May!

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  1. Grizz

    February 9, 2018 at 12:25 am

    Marvel again forgot to mention the cover artists, but two of the covers shown have obvious signatures. The last one, the Infinity Countdown Darkhawk cover is likely by Francesco Mattina.


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