INFINITY COUNTDOWN: DARKHAWK #1 by Chris Sims, Chad Bowers, and Gang Hyuk Lim is a brand new adventure for Chris Powell, aka Darkhawk. Chris is busy keeping the streets of New York safe until he gets a warning from his old friend, Nova. There’s trouble brewing, and he might have to face a terrible enemy. As Chris is trying to figure out what to do, he’s ambushed by a surprise character — all set against the backdrop of INFINITY COUNTDOWN!

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The story starts on an ancient Shi’ar outpost. The Fraternity of Raptors, led by Talon-R (Nova’s long lost brother)  opens a portal from null space. This lets their idols, the original raptors, out of their prison into our realm. At the same time, Chris is chasing criminals through Hell’s Kitchen. He takes down the robbers with ease (and by using Darkhawk of course), and we catch up on recent events in the Darkhawk’s life.

INFINITY COUNTDOWN: DARKHAWK #1 Page 2. Image Courtesy of Marvel Comics.


INFINITY COUNTDOWN: DARKHAWK #1 is great for a variety of reasons. The first reason is that it starts off a new chapter in Darkhawk’s life while involving him in INFINITY COUNTDOWN. The Fraternity of Raptors have been one of the main antagonists in INFINITY COUNTDOWN, and their story continues here. This issue does a good job of explaining who Chris is, his relation to Darkhawk, and their power set. The connection between INFINITY COUNTDOWN is clear as well.

The next reason this issue is written so well is that it could easily be DARKHAWK #52. Last year, writers Chris Sims and Chad Bowers wrote DARKHAWK #51. That issue was a one-shot that was released several years after #50. DARKHAWK #51 was meant to spark new life into the character, which leads us to now. In DARKHAWK #51, Chris was still dealing with becoming one with Darkhawk, as well as facing off with the Fraternity of Raptors. INFINITY COUNTDOWN: DARKHAWK #1 picks up on many of those same elements.

It’s clear the writers have a deep love for the character since long-term readers of Darkhawk have just as much to enjoy as new readers. We get to know Chris as a person. He became a police officer due to his father. He also faces turmoil because his father was corrupt, which pushes him in his actions as Darkhawk. We also get a look at both his superhero life and his civilian life with his fiancee.

INFINITY COUNTDOWN: DARKHAWK #1 Page 3. Image Courtesy of Marvel Comics.

If there’s one possible negative with INFINITY COUNTDOWN: DARKHAWK #1, it’s that while it does connect to INFINITY COUNTDOWN, it doesn’t move that story along. The Fraternity of Raptors and Nova seem to be at the same place story-wise as in INFINITY COUNTDOWN. It’s unclear if this series will connect more than that.

Lastly, a certain character makes a special appearance in this issue, and it’s a welcome one. This character doesn’t seem to be used often for some reason, so his appearance was surprising and fun. He appears as a bounty hunter who is after Darkhawk for his armor, which turns out to be a very expensive prize, also something the Raptors want.

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Infinite Art

Gang Hyuk Lim has a very interesting art style. The art comes off very kinetic, with different angles framing the action. The first scene with Chris, featuring a low angle on a car cash, looks reminiscent of an action movie. Along with having this kind of framing, the art itself almost seems to have an anime quality to it, with the characters always in motion. It seems very unique since Gang Hyuk Lim handled all aspects of the art including coloring and shading. This comes together well, as the art feels very streamlined and smooth.

What Does It Mean?

INFINITY COUNTDOWN: DARKHAWK #1 is a good start to the series. It is simple enough to pick up and understand, and it has layers that will please long-time Dawkhawk fans. The connection to INFINITY COUNTDOWN is not as strong as it could be; however, there are more issues remaining in this miniseries that hopefully will connect the stories more.

INFINITY COUNTDOWN: DARKHAWK #1 by Chris Sims, Chad Bowers, and Gang Hyuk Lim
INFINITY COUNTDOWN: DARKHAWK #1 by Chris Sims, Chad Bowers, and Gang Hyuk Lim is a great continuation of Darkhawk's saga. While the connection to INFINITY COUNTDOWN could have been stronger, Darkhawk fans will appreciate this issue.
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