INFINITY COUNTDOWN: DAREDEVIL #1 by Gerry Duggan, Chris Sprouse, Phil Noto, Lee Ferguson, Scott Hanna, and Karl Story is a one-shot that focuses on Turk Barrett, his possession of the mind stone and the Man Without Fear. The issue connects with the INFINITY COUNTDOWN crossover currently happening but also manages to tell a tale that can be read alone. There are plenty of juicy surprises and connections to get fans to read the INFINITY COUNTDOWN series.

INFINITY COUNTDOWN: DAREDEVIL #1. Page 4. Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

Mind Over Matter

The story starts with a recap of Matt Murdock’s origin: an accident that blinded him as a child but also gave him extraordinary senses. Flash forward to present day. Matt is going about his business when he literally sees the mind stone in Turk’s possession, as the stone surpasses Matt’s blindness. Matt follows Turk and discovers that Turk is using the stone for his own petty reasons and is building a new criminal empire. We also get another flashback establishing that Matt and Turk have run into each other before. The issue ends with a face-off over the mind stone with some surprising results. Plus, it wouldn’t be an INFINITY COUNTDOWN comic without one big tease!

Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.
INFINITY COUNTDOWN: DAREDEVIL #1. Page 5. Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.


First and foremost, I want to say this is a solid comic book. Tie-in issues to crossovers are difficult to pull off. The story has to be connected with the crossover to justify its existence, it has to provide new insight that wouldn’t be seen during the regular crossover, and yet it can’t shake up things too much as to contradict what’s happening in the main crossover. INFINITY COUNTDOWN: DAREDEVIL #1 nails all three points. It also establishes the hero and villain, their conflict, and even a few surprises.

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That all being said, I wanted so much more out of the story. I’m probably being selfish because I’m really digging what Gerry Duggan is doing in INFINITY COUNTDOWN and I wanted more here. For example, we finally see how Turk got the mind stone in the first place. He drives a car through a battle between the Skrulls and Dr. Strange’s apostles (the ones introduced in Jason Aaron’s DR. STRANGE run.)  If that sounds awesome to you it’s because it is! But we only get a few pages dedicated to that. I’ve done research to see if that story picked up from another story but I’ve come up with nothing (please let me know if I’m wrong.)

INFINITY COUNTDOWN: DAREDEVIL #1. Page 6. Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

Too Much Focus, Not Enough Space

That’s my main problem with the story. The focus is too sharp. There should have been a few more issues to let the story breathe. I was frustrated after reading it because I wanted to know so much more about the backstory and yet pages were used to go over Daredevil’s origin AGAIN. I understand that Matt’s origin ties into the moment when Turk picks up the mind stone because they are both overwhelmed by sounds, but still. Skrulls Vs. Magic Men!

Sensing The Art

The art team did a great job on the book. I didn’t realize there was a team of artists versus a single artist on my first reading. Considering they are able to work together to create a story without missing a beat is a true credit to their skill. In hindsight, certain backgrounds are more detailed than others in the book but the characters all have the same style drawn about them.

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What Does It All Mean?

INFINITY COUNTDOWN: DAREDEVIL #1 is a fine one shot for the INFINITY COUNTDOWN series. I can’t help but wonder if we had more time to focus on the events in this issue. Could more room shed light on what was the story of the battle of the mind stone? Are any other New York heroes noticing Turk’s building empire? When is Bullseye going to appear next?

INFINITY COUNTDOWN: DAREDEVIL #1 by Gerry Duggan, Chris Sprouse, Phil Noto, Lee Ferguson, Scott Hanna, and Karl Story
INFINITY COUNTDOWN: DAREDEVIL #1 is a solid story and one that connects to the bigger crossover happening. I wish there was more time to follow all the threads the issue lays out.
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