INFINITY COUNTDOWN: CAPTAIN MARVEL #1 continues the journey of the eponymous series as the all-powerful Carol Danvers experiences the power of the reality stone! Interestingly, the issue is much more of an introspective piece than one may expect.

Captain Marvel finds herself in a bit of an existential crisis. Because of this, she relives past choices and imagines potential futures that could have altered her reality.

Thus, the adventure of INFINITY COUNTDOWN begins for Captain Marvel as she explores her multiverse in search of answers.

infinity countdown: captain marvel #1
INFINITY COUNTDOWN: CAPTAIN MARVEL #1 page 2. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

Harsh Realities

INFINITY COUNTDOWN: CAPTAIN MARVEL #1 kicks off with an explosive start as our titular hero takes on Blastaar, also known as the Living Bomb-Burst. She ends up defeating her foe. However, she immediately experiences pangs of guilt as she surveys the destruction she caused in the process of battle.

Thus begins Carol Danvers’ introspection. Danvers claims that she needs to find answers regarding her purpose in her heroic journey because she isn’t so sure she’s actually done much good. As a result, Danvers feels as though the stone will ultimately help guide her to those answers.

As she considers this, Mar-Vell informs Danvers that using the reality stone to explore other realities can come at a dangerous cost. If she goes too far, Danvers could actually get lost in space and time.

Despite these dangers, Carol Danvers commences her journey into the multiverse. Within it, she encounters a Captain Marvel Corps as well as a Captain Marvel version of Rogue.

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Her journey through the multiverse turns out to be quite the emotional journey. However, in the end, she comes to accept her present reality. So, overall, writer Jim McCann’s INFINITY COUNTDOWN: CAPTAIN MARVEL #1 will be an enjoyable work for fans of the character. Despite this, the issue is quite predictable in regard to our titular hero’s introspection.

Additionally, in regard to the plot of INFINITY COUNTDOWN, the issue doesn’t bring much to the table. So, many aspects of the work feel a lot like filler. Thus, INFINITY COUNTDOWN: CAPTAIN MARVEL #1 has its moments, but it unfortunately barely scratches the surface.

infinity countdown: captain marvel #1
INFINITY COUNTDOWN: CAPTAIN MARVEL #1 page 5. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.


Unfortunately, another major flaw of this installment of INFINITY COUNTDOWN comes with Diego Olortegui’s artwork. Most of the images appear cartoonish. This takes away from the weight of some of the more serious scenes of the issue.

With this though, I do love the allusion to Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel. As you can see in the panels above, as Danvers explores the multiverse, she sees one in which a green-suited Captain Marvel possesses the reality stone. This is certainly an exciting cameo to include, especially when most Marvel fans are awaiting her introduction into the MCU.

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Despite this aspect, the rest of the issue’s artwork falters. It fails to match the narrative’s rigid tone and even feels convoluted at times. Even the stand-out sequences, such as Captain Marvel’s affirmation of her identity, do not feel as impactful as they should due to their disorganized nature.

What Lies Beyond

INFINITY COUNTDOWN: CAPTAIN MARVEL #1 continues the search for the Infinity Stones in the Marvel Universe. This time though, the search moves within. Carol Danvers finds herself questioning her status as a hero. She loses faith in her ability to be a worthy hero. So, she relies on the reality stone to explore her shortcomings.

By the end of the issue though, she defies the reality stone, affirming her role in her own reality.

The way in which this issue characterizes its titular hero is its most positive aspect, even if that characterization is predictable. Unfortunately, the narrative of this work in regard to INFINITY COUNTDOWN falls extremely short.

So, if you are a fan of Captain Marvel, you may enjoy this work. Now, if you are awaiting the next, adventurous phase of the journey for the Infinity Stones, you may want to skip this one.

INFINITY COUNTDOWN CAPTAIN MARVEL #1 by Jim McCann, Diego Olortegui, Erick Arciniega, & Clayton Cowles
INFINITY COUNTDOWN: CAPTAIN MARVEL #1 breaks down the potential pasts, presents, and futures of Carol Danvers though it falls short in bringing anything new to the table.
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