INFINITY COUNTDOWN #3 by Gerry Dugan, Aaron Kuder, Mike Hawthorne, Terry Pallot, and Jordie Bellaire wraps up the scuffle between the Guardians of The Galaxy vs. The Fraternity of Raptors and the Chitauri. Meanwhile, Adam Warlock faces off with Ultron with the Silver Surfer caught in the middle. The hunt for the Infinity Stones raises the stakes across the universe!

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Warlock’s Rage in INFINITY COUNTDOWN #3

INFINITY COUNTDOWN #3 starts with the same prologue the previous issues had. A troll (while not stated, but I’m guessing a dwarf from Thor’s neck of the woods) is working on something for someone. The action moves to Adam Warlock — who is looking for the Infinity Stones — only to find Ultron, who has captured the Silver Surfer. A battle between all three occurs with Silver Surfer escaping and leaving Adam Warlock to an unknown fate. Equally important: the Battle on Xitaung comes to a head this issue with the Guardians of the Galaxy and the Nova Corp defeating the Fraternity of Raptors and the Chitauri.

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A Little Less Focus

I truly enjoyed INFINITY COUNTDOWN #3. Reading this issue is fun and witnessing this crossover is impressive. There are minor flaws, however.

The troll storyline needs to gain some momentum. I love a good tease but we’ve seen this scene play out essentially three times now. I’d like to have more insight on what’s happening. Additionally, I think that Guardians segment this issue took just a little too long to wrap up. Last issue felt like we had gotten to a great wrap up point but the final battle lasted too long.

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Two issues remain in this series, placing this series in an awkward place. INFINITY COUNTDOWN acts as a prologue to INFINITY WARS. That being said, INFINITY COUNTDOWN PRIME #1 and INFINITY COUNTDOWN #1 lay out plot threads that have yet to be picked up.

There are other minor plots in INFINITY COUNTDOWN that aren’t hashed out as of yet. I understand there are other INFINITY COUNTDOWN related series coming out, but I hope those plots are not lost in the main book. Basically, for the extra time we spend with the Guardians, I couldn’t help thinking: can we not check in on Turk Barrett, Super-Skrull, Captain Marvel, or Black Widow?

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Riding The Waves with the Surfer

The Adam Warlock segment is arguably the strongest of the two storylines as he faces off with the Ultron/Hank Pym hybrid. As much as I am a fan of the original Ant-Man, many writers have gotten some good mileage with this new and improved villain, Duggan included. Ultron’s banter, combined with his Gollum like dual personalities makes for an interesting character. The Soul Stone imprisoning the Silver Surfer is a smart idea. He was the herald of Galactus for years and witnessing trillions of passed souls scream out to him is eerily effective.

INFINITY COUNTDOWN #3 isn’t all serious business. There is plenty of humor here as well. Ultron throws some shade at Adam Warlock about missing his “feathered hair and eyeliner.” As mentioned before, most of Ultron’s dialogue has a sadistic ring to it. It almost reminds me of the Joker in some odd way. Groot gets a few great moments with limbs flying and his bloodlust raging. Lastly, the combination of Drax, a saxophone, and the Power Stone is something I’d never seen in a comic.

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Drawing The Cosmos

The art team of Aaron Kuder, Mike Hawthorne, and Jordie Bellaire continues the fantastic art in this series. Ultron/Hank Pym looks both devious and a little maniacal. The Silver Surfer becomes “Ultronified” for a short period of time and the result is a unique take on the Surfer. Not to give away too much, the Surfer goes through a bit of a transformation. His look is a bit different, too, and fans of Adam Warlock will be pleased with how this goes about.

Until Next Time

INFINITY COUNTDOWN #3 continues the epic saga. The pace slows down with this issue a little bit. We are getting a better view of the story but we stay with the Guardians for a little too long this issue. Considering everything, the story and art make this worth the read. Also, because this story is tying into something grander, it’s definitely worth your time.

INFINITY COUNTDOWN #3 by Gerry Dugan, Aaron Kuder, Mike Hawthorne, Terry Pallot, and Jordie Bellaire
INFINITY COUNTDOWN #3 is another fun issue with plenty of twists and turns. It does feel like there is some momentum lost with the issue, but it's still a solid read.
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