INFINITY COUNTDOWN #1 by Gerry Duggan, Aaron Kuder, and Jordie Bellaire
INFINITY COUNTDOWN #1 by Gerry Duggan, Aaron Kuder, and Jordie Bellaire starts a major crossover for the Marvel Universe. Plenty of action and surprises will keep the reader hooked.
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INFINITY COUNTDOWN #1 by Gerry Duggan, Aaron Kuder, and Jordie Bellaire starts off with a bang as different members the Guardians of the Galaxy find themselves against impossible odds. The countdown begins with two different wars, twists, and a cliffhanger ending. Beautiful art and a plot that has action, comedy, and surprises make this a must read of this week.

infinity countdown #1
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INFINITY COUNTDOWN #1 doesn’t follow all of the Infinity Stone holders like INFINITY COUNTDOWN PRIME #1 did. Instead, the main focus is the Guardians Of The Galaxy. Drax and the Nova Corp are guarding the power stone as the Fraternity of Raptors begins a strike to claim a stone for themselves. Meanwhile, the rest of the Guardians are attempting to stop the Gardner from killing everyone on Telfernia. Both storylines come to a head while a few more mysteries are introduced.

Balancing Act

This is an amazing start. The creative team pulls out all the stops in this issue and it really shows. Gerry Duggan connects this issue to INFINITY COUNTDOWN PRIME #1 and wraps up storylines started from his recently-ended GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY run. Furthermore, considering this is a first issue is a triumph of storytelling. I never felt overwhelmed by the information and even new readers who haven’t read Duggan’s GUARDIANS run or the PRIME issue could still pick this up without any problems about who is who. Considering how epic and action-packed this issue is, I’m surprised this is a countdown and not the main event. This already feels like one of the best crossovers in years.

The Countdown Begins in INFINITY COUNTDOWN PRIME #1

Finding Humor In The Little Things

INFINITY COUNTDOWN #1 has a good amount of humor in it, which is surprising since so much action is happening. The humor isn’t distracting and is well placed. Highlights include Drax stealing wings from a downed raptor and trying to fly with them by flapping his arms, Star-Lord throwing baby Groot (who in turns throws Ant-Man), and Rocket Racoon blasting through a huge tree monster while spitting out quips.

Gerry Duggan’s script also has plenty of small asides to help connect to what’s going on in the Marvel Universe.  There’s mention of Captain America’s apology tour, The Grandmaster and Collector (a nod to what’s going on in AVENGERS), and Drax seeing if the Asgardians can help.

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Gorgeous Cosmos

I couldn’t miss talking about the art. Aaron Kuder shines for the tough requirements needed for this book. We go from a troll’s workshop to several cosmic locations, then back to Earth. There are dozens of characters, including several variations of Groot, but all stand apart and unique from another. Jordie Bellaire’s colors are great as well, going from dark and dull to bright and flashy when needed. Personally, I am thrilled to see Star-Lord’s vibrant element weapons (most creators tend to treat them like normal blasters). The only issue is a small error with the lettering; Ant-Man is talking but I imagine it’s supposed to be Star-Lord instead. Though it’s a small issue, it is noticeable.

Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

Huge Spoilers

Seriously, there are two big spoilers in INFINITY COUNTDOWN #1 that I have to discuss so if you want to be surprised, go and grab the book. Trust me. Can’t wait? That’s fine. Groot can talk! I know what you’re thinking, but this isn’t the standard “I am Groot.” By the end of the issue, he speaks in full sentences and can communicate with everyone. Comics should take note of this. If you want to surprise your audience, it doesn’t always have to be something terrible like the killing of a character or something to that effect; positive surprises are just as fun.

The other surprise in INFINITY COUNTDOWN #1 is that an infinity stone changes hands from one character to another. The person who receives the stone isn’t someone who has been shown in any of the build-ups to this series.  This game of musical chairs for the infinity stones is also a great twist, and I hope it continues.


Final Thoughts

INFINITY COUNTDOWN #1 is an excellent balance of action, humor, and surprises. It’s the start of a brand new saga and the stakes just get higher as the issue goes on. The action focuses on the Guardians of the Galaxy but there are several twists and turns to keep the reader on the edge of their seat. The art is beautiful and matches the cosmic storytelling. This is a great start for this crossover and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

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