Horror is a genre that manages to stand the tests of time. For some reason or another, people love being scared as a form of entertainment. However, horror has another function: social commentary. From NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD to GET OUT, horror can express different ideologies about our society and give us new perspectives. INFIDEL by Pornsak Pichetshote, Aaron Campbell, and Jose Villarrubia gives us a horror story that we won’t soon forget. And honestly, you won’t want to forget.

INFIDEL Gives Us Modern Day Horror

INFIDEL centers on Aisha, a Muslim woman who moves in with her boyfriend, his daughter, and his mother in their small, New York apartment. However, living in an apartment building with multiracial people proves a little more difficult for her. Especially since her soon to be mother-in-law has proven herself to have racist tendencies. Top this all off with entities that feed off of xenophobia haunting her apartment building, and this modern-day horror is sure to make you jump and cringe. It does not help that these entities have taken a particular focus on Aisha. How does Aisha manage to escape? Is there really an escape from racist poltergeists? Pichetshote, Campbell, and Villarrubia give us a story that is equally beautiful as it is horrifying.

ComicsVerse’s Chowder, Anika Hossain, Nadia Alamah, and Leijah Petelka reflect on how effective the racism, horror, and overall story are. Chowder, Hossain, Alamah, and Petelka talk about their own experiences with racism and how this book captures the fear of xenophobia. They also touch upon their love for the art and pacing with this modern day horror. There may also be a joke or two in there, just to lighten up the mood a little. Because, let’s face it, horror stories can be heavy topics.

Combining popular themes of horror and racism, INFIDEL treads horror terror-tory that we have yet to see.

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